What To Do When You Get Injured

What To Do When You Get Injured

Let me set the stage.

You’re plopped on the sofa.

You have crutches propped up against it.

You are rocking a full-leg boot that feels like a hot air balloon on your leg.

You turn Stranger Things on Netflix.

You’re feeling sorry for yourself.

So you crush a pint of Ben and Jerry’s as you scroll Instagram and see your friends having fun at an Ariana Grande concert.

So you feel even more sorry for yourself.

You keep scrolling Instagram because that will just cure all your woes, won’t it?

Then, you eat some more ice cream.

You don’t feel any better.

You feel bogged down and deflated.

And then you wonder, ‘is this what the injured life is supposed to be like?’

Being sidelined from your sport is not easy. It’s as difficult as getting the actual surgery done, your leg cut open, and waking up in a daze. The recovery, to that end, can be even worse, and much more mentally defeating.

But look. I got good news: there are ways to circumvent the negativity that comes along with injury.

There are ways to enjoy yourself, rather than feel sorry for yourself.

There are ways to stay fit, rather than get de-conditioned.

There are ways to nourish yourself, rather than be a couch potato eating potato chips.

Below is a 5 minute video I made for any of you suffering an injury. I give actionable tips for you to fulfill yourself during such a challenging time.


Sample lower extremity injury workout:

a1) Alternate Grip Pull-Up
a2) Hollow Hold
a3) Alternating Dumbbell Bench

b1) Pull-Up Hold
b2) Isometric Dead Bug
b3) Squeeze Press

c1) Band Pull Apart Hold
c2) Lateral Raise Hold
c3) Pallof Press (can perform seated)

Of course, with some lower extremity injuries, your physical therapist may give you the clear to do certain hip, hamstring and quadriceps exercises, so be sure to check in with them as you go through your rehab.

But to get started, start with upper body and core so you continue to stay strong and move daily.

You’re welcome.

For more information on upper and lower extremity strength drills and nutritional tips, get The Total Youth Soccer Fitness Program.

For a more customized train-around-injury plan, Work With Me Online.

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