Customized Life Athlete Fitness Program

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Customized Fitness Program

Calling all athletes and non-athletes who want to be beasts for life.

If you want to be held accountable for your strength training and a program that suits your needs, then I am happy to help.

This program is for anyone ready to work hard and make an immense change in their personal or sports life.

It includes 3-5x a week of strength/conditioning progressions, once a month check-in, and unlimited access to email.

For Advanced Coaching, with bi-weekly video check-ins, unlimited access to email consulting, and weekly video uploads on exercise technique, the cost is $500/month. I recommend this option if you need a more engaging experience with added accountability and resources to help you become a beast.

Price: $299/month
Advanced Coaching Price: $500/month

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Features and Benefits


  • Customized program based on physique goals and needs
  • Weekly check-ins with Erica
  • Complementary program "tweaking" with exercise progressions/regressions
  • Access to exercise technique and form videos
  • Ongoing physical and emotional support from Erica


  • This is not a cookie cutter program blasted to the masses
  • Personalized coaching and guidance from a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, and Exercise Physiologist
  • Improved body composition, muscle tone, and movement quality
  • Increased confidence at work and every day life
  • Elevated energy and zest for living

What People Are Saying

I was 15 pounds overweight and really thinking that my playing career could be over. Now I’m playing the best soccer I have been playing since I was 17. Just to give everyone an idea of how bad my hips were when we started out, I could barely do a hip raise without weight, and now I am doing this stuff with ease. I am excited about keeping this journey going with Erica as my strength coach. She has made me more powerful, explosive, agile, and has showed me hip mobility exercises, which has been my main problem area since we started. If you’re looking for someone who is truly looking out for your better interest, Erica is the person to go to.

Erica listened to what I had to say, something trainers don’t do sometimes. She didn’t “lecture” me and just tell me what to do. She wanted to know about what kind of training I’ve done, what I like, what I don’t like, how I eat, what I like to eat. When she gave me advice it never felt like she was criticizing me, more like she was adding her expertise to what I already knew/did so that I could maximize my results. She genuinely believed in me and my story and I felt like I was having a conversation athlete to athlete not athlete to student (not that I’m an athlete but you get the point). She offered to demonstrate everything thoroughly for me and checked in with me on a regular basis. My favorite thing about her is that you can tell she genuinely likes what she does, she has this amazing energy and aura that really motivates you.

From a senior citizen’s perspective, I was thoroughly satisfied with the training program I received from Erica Suter. Erica’s “people skills” are exceptional and her expertise as a trainer enabled me to understand the operation of the gym’s equipment and the appropriate exercises to keep me agile. Erica has that special knack to put one at ease through a gradual approach to reach one’s personal goals. Good listening skills, knowledge of anatomy, and understanding of training equipment has provided me a skill set to independently continue my personal strength training program.

I've known Erica for 3 years now, but just recently asked for her help in preparing for a fitness test and overall adding some muscle. Interestingly enough this has all been done online and from a long distance. The programs that Erica set up for me were perfect, kept me engaged in the workouts, and were flexible with my busy and random schedule. It is very easy to communicate with Erica and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step in strength and conditioning no matter where you live.

Are you ready to join hundreds and become your strongest and most athletic self?

Price: $299/month

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