Client Love

Speed and Strength Training in Tampa, Florida

Erica is very engaged and knowledgeable. She quickly built rapport with my daughter. Exceptionally organized in her approach and clearly had a plan for how each session was going to flow. I highly recommend Erica!

Erica has taught me moves to use in games and has improved my agility and conditioning. Erica is the best trainer I have ever had and is the sweetest person ever.

Coach Erica is a great coach. We were really impressed with her soccer experience, and more importantly, as a female soccer player, since we were looking for a female role model for my daughter’s soccer development. My daughter absolutely loves Erica’s coaching and technical training and has learned a great deal since we started. She has improved quite noticeably in a short time in almost every aspect of soccer (ball handling, control, dribbling, shooting, etc). Most valuable to us is Erica actually trains my daughter by playing against her. We recommend to other youth players, especially to girls, without any hesitation.

My daughter Sam has been training with Erica since late summer and all I can say is WOW. Erica always comes prepared with a workout and training routine that is appropriate and challenging. Originally focusing on technical skills, the sessions have evolved and now include; stretching/flexibility, core strength building, explosiveness, as well as ball handling and other soccer drills. The progress Sam is making is a joy to watch. While Sam’s foot work, moves, shots, and decision making have greatly improved, I am most excited about her increased confidence both on and off the field. We only wish we had found Erica sooner.

Jordan is really excited about working with Erica! She had a great session and can’t wait for the next one.

Erica has really helped me improve as a player. She has helped me improve my soccer skills and footwork, and she also mixes in conditioning that prevents injuries and has increased my speed and strength. She is always positive and supportive and she will definitely be a great trainer for you!

From the first time that I met Erica, I thought that she would be a trainer who my daughter would like and could work with closely to develop better skills and confidence. I was right. Erica’s method of combining skills and speed training with conditioning and her genuine concern for the player’s well being have resulted in my daughter becoming a better and stronger player both physically and mentally. She’s a rare find!

Our 10-year old daughter says Coach Erica is very nice, has her work and play hard, and helps her play with confidence. From the beginning, our daughter has enjoyed her sessions with Coach Erica very much. She is always eager to do her soccer homework, practicing moves she worked on with Coach Erica. Coach Erica seems very good at explaining and demonstrating what she wants our daughter to do, as she is usually able to do what she is asked to do after a couple of tries or fewer. We noticed a significant improvement in her foot skills and ball handling after just 3-4 sessions and she has kept improving. Her travel team coach has commented on the tremendous difference in the way she plays.

Online Training

During the start of the COVID shutdown, I began searching for workouts to keep my middle school daughter engaged and active. I came across Coach Erica's Twitter postings and was intrigued. Her background and the content of her program seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I was one of the first to purchase her Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365 Program. This program is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of workouts for youth that keeps on giving year round. My daughter first completed the 12-Week Off-Season Strength Training segment of the program. Coach Erica made herself available throughout the twelve weeks for advice, motivation, and feedback. When my daughter's season began and play resumed after the shutdown, we clearly observed that her strength, confidence, speed, and passion grew tremendously. My daughter then began the 12-Week In-Season Strength Training. In order to better support my daughter's physical needs with the onset of a new practice and game schedule, Coach Erica then created an individualized program for her. Once again, the physical, mental, and emotional effects were indeed obvious. Coach Erica has been there whenever we needed her. Her app, weekly online meetings, and willingness to communicate via numerous modes of communication has truly made her accessible. Living in Hawai'i, Coach Erica's accessibility is by far one of the most advantageous aspects of this program. Bottom line: My wife and I have no doubt come to trust Coach Erica's guidance. Her knowledge and expertise in regards to the female soccer experience is priceless. We are undeniably grateful for having Coach Erica be apart of our daughter's soccer journey. In the words of my daughter, "I REALLY like it. It's easy to use, and Coach Erica is supportive and comforting. She knows A LOT!" I highly recommend Coach Erica to be a part of your child's soccer journey and development on and off the field — you will not regret it!

As our daughter had issues with he knees before lockdown, we decided to look for different training approach and found Erica's "Total youth female Athletes" program. This program explained many of our daughters issues and after following many of the methods for a month, we decided to hire Erica as online coach and we are extremely happy for that decision. Erica is much more than a coach. She is also a mentor and assisting the girls develop both off and on the pitch. Every sunday our daughter receive her weekly schedule, and she can record her exercises and upload to Erica through an App. All this is followed up with video meetings 2 times monthly. This makes this program possible to follow no matter where, in the world you are based. Our daughter is more motivated as ever, she focused more on her diet and sleep and she uses Erica's tool to develop in school as well. I highly recommend Erica as a coach for Youth and female development.

How did you get here? After my daughter had consecutive seasons of injuries that kept her off the field, I began looking for soccer specific injury prevention activities/ workouts. It wasn't until I stumbled across a coaches forum, where someone mentioned "Erica Suter", that I found just what my daughter needed. We're both fans of the phone app. The push play feature with demos is easy to use with a clear understanding of the technique required. From a parent perspective, seeing your child's confidence grow is fantastic! It was great to hear my daughter talk about how she was getting stronger, faster, and healthier using the app. Thanks Erica Suter !

Working through the middle school off-season training plan with my rising u-13 was an incredibly valuable experience. The programming was top notch, focusing on speed development, strength and agility and change of direction. The workouts are simple to follow and developmentally appropriate for my 11 year old. She was challenged to move her body in new and different ways and learned that consistency in training can lead to big rewards. The coordination and strength gains and fluidity to her movements is very noticeable. The phone app is so easy to use and the demo videos for each exercise makes the workouts easy to understand. We have just entered our fall season and we can’t wait to get started with our in season program. I am so thankful to have found a comprehensive program that both my daughter and I love!

My daughter was receiving consistent feedback from her coaches that her skills, attitude & effort were outstanding but that she needed to get faster. We knew that we aren’t experts in this area and we didn’t want to have someone work with her who didn’t understand adolescent girls (we didn’t want to strip the joy of field hockey from her by treating her like a mini adult). Erica’s program is perfect! My daughter has a role model to look up to while being trained with evidence-based best practices. Not only is it manageable in terms of time, it’s developmentally & age appropriate. For example, the program includes games we play as a family. To be honest, we are shocked at how much faster she’s got in such a short period of time. But, the best part is that she’s liking the field even MORE since working with Erica because she feels more confident in her speed and power. The confidence calls and form checks are essential & our daughter takes initiative on her own to do the workouts consistently. Initially, I thought maybe it was too soon for our child to work with someone for this reason, but she has dreams & she asked us to help her improve her speed and so we wanted to support her. I recommend Erica 100%. In fact, I can’t imagine ever wanting someone else training, educating and inspiring her in this space. Put simply, Erica is the total package & vou won’t regret working with her.

Since I began my online reconditioning so to speak with Erica, I have made some very significant adjustments that have made my performance better. She creates a remote program that is very precise and consistent. I realized I was lacking the consistency in a program suited for me. She has customized my training to my needs and where I need to improve. I never thought my remote training would be this great and not only is she my coach/trainer but also a mentor and friend. I couldn’t be any happier other than wishing I found her earlier is my reconditioning plan for my soccer playing resurgence. It is a no brainer for me now!!

Erica did a wonderful job albeit a great distance away for our Women’s Soccer Program @ Saint Anselm College. We needed some direction for in season strength training and we were very happy that we reached out to Erica. She listened to our needs and provided a program that was just right for our group. I would recommend without hesitation to anyone looking to improve their program!

I started online distance training with Erica remotely from Tampa, Florida. She provided me with a 12-week program that incorporated three different workouts an upper body, a lower body, and a total body workout that progress in weight with each new week. Erica has been great with helping explain the different exercises and she provides me with links to videos she made demonstrating the exercises I was struggling with. She also has been great with checking in on me to see how my workouts have been going and being proactive in asking if I had any questions or need any advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone, she is a true professional.

My daughter, Gabi, has been an online client of Erica’s for about 4 months. I have seen her core strength grow and she has made noticeable strides in her strength while playing. For some background. I have been coaching for around 20 years including time at two prominent European academies. I have a UEFA B from the KNVB. I am fortunate enough that I have the ability to travel to Europe often and have spent most of my coaching education time there. It was in Spain while talking to people from ADO that I came across the work of Tim Gabbett, previously I had only seen the work of Raymond Verheijen on periodization. I had a basic understanding about the need to build strength and stamina but not the knowledge on how to get an athlete there. I knew over training is an issue but not how to measure if an individual athlete is being over trained. I knew there is fitness that should be done within a team environment and strength and conditioning that the athlete must take upon themselves. So, when I was searching for someone who I wanted to aide in the development of my own daughter I looked for someone who understood these principles in far more detail than I did. I must admit I was skeptical about the online program, could someone be effective not being in person. It wasn’t long before my fears were erased. From the beginning I made it a point to stay out of the way and from the first phone calls where Erica and my daughter “interviewed” each other I could tell that this was going to be a good fit. Erica was interested in more than just what was done in the gym, in fact my daughter must submit her schedule monthly including updating game minutes after each game. Her program is designed specifically for her, its not a one size fits all program and it is modified continuously depending on the ongoing feedback. There is almost daily interaction between Erica and Gabi, generally through messages in the training app. Gabi submits videos of certain exercises and Erica provides feedback on form etc.. They also have periodic phone calls, plus we visit Erica in her facility quarterly. For us this has been a perfect balance. There is enough interaction that Gabi is making positive strides but enough freedom that she must take on the responsibility to work at improving herself. I couldn’t be happier with the program and my daughters progress with it and I look forward to see where it leads as we continue to engage with Erica.

Erica has been a wonderful help in getting me started on a healthier, more manageable lifestyle. She listened to my goals during our consultation and was very attentive to making sure that she was creating a plan I could manage with my particular schedule. I have enjoyed her simple meal plans and they have made a positive difference in my digestive health. While she certainly has the knowledge and experience to be a great trainer, her best trait is her responsiveness and availability to her clients. While I have not worked with her in-person due to living in a different state, she has not forgotten me and regularly checks in with me. I appreciate her keeping in touch and making sure I am staying on track. I look forward to the progress I am going to make with her help.

Working through the middle school off-season training plan with my rising u-13 was an incredibly valuable experience. The programming was top notch, focusing on speed development, strength and agility and change of direction. The workouts are simple to follow and developmentally appropriate for my 11 year old. She was challenged to move her body in new and different ways and learned that consistency in training can lead to big rewards. The coordination and strength gains and fluidity to her movements is very noticeable. The phone app is so easy to use and the demo videos for each exercise makes the workouts easy to understand. We have just entered our fall season and we can’t wait to get started with our in season program. I am so thankful to have found a comprehensive program that both my daughter and I love!

Prior to meeting Erica to start my new strength training plan, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did know going into the initial consultation what I wanted to get out of being on a training program and nutrition plan. I was looking for a trainer who would push me to be more fit and healthy but understand that results would take time to achieve. I didn’t want a trainer who going to force my progress; I wanted someone who would move at my pace and motivate me along the way. Within the first five minutes of talking with Erica, I knew this is what I would get. She walked me through every exercise to make sure I did it correctly with proper form and she walked me through how I would progress from week to week. If we came across an exercise that was too challenging at first, she showed me how I would transition into the more challenging exercise. Not once did I feel like I could not do it. She was full of encouragement and motivation. When we went through the nutrition plan, she stressed for me to NOT count calories. She wanted me to be healthy and nourish my body properly and really helped me to feel good in my own skin. My first week of the training was amazing. She had created workouts that were exactly what I was looking for. Erica had me breaking lifelong habits in one week. I was eating better, I had more energy, and I felt stronger! And she offers amazing support along the way. I would recommend Erica to everyone because she has the power to change the lives of anyone she works with.

Erica is so motivational to me. Not only is she encouraging but she’s also a very beautiful person, both physically and spiritually. I just can’t say enough good things about her and I truly see her as a great friend, not just a trainer.

One of the first things that impressed me about Erica was how down to earth and approachable she was. Despite being an accomplished athlete with a perfect body in my opinion, she never made me feel intimidated and gave me so much confidence. She listened to what I had to say, something trainers don’t do sometimes. She didn’t “lecture” me and just tell me what to do. She wanted to know about what kind of training I’ve done, what I like, what I don’t like, how I eat, what I like to eat. When she gave me advice it never felt like she was criticizing me, more like she was adding her expertise to what I already knew/did so that I could maximize my results. She genuinely believed in me and my story and I felt like I was having a conversation athlete to athlete not athlete to student (not that I’m an athlete but you get the point). She offered to demonstrate everything thoroughly for me and checked in with me on a regular basis. My favorite thing about her is that you can tell she genuinely likes what she does, she has this amazing energy and aura that really motivates you. When you have a setback, she’s not negative about it, but she tells you not to beat yourself up (something I do all the time) and keep going. In other words, she pushes you in a positive way, trying to prove to you that you can do anything if you’re committed but is very realistic. And that’s what matters in the long run and will help you have consistent results. Whether you want to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life or eventually do a pull up, it doesn’t matter. Above all she really reminded me how important it is to love yourself, not be so critical and have a proper mindset, something a lot of people forget about. Including myself.

I have learned many new exercises and moves that have transformed my body and continue to help me build the strength I desire. I highly recommend Erica for her expertise and positive attitude!

Erica’s strength program was easy to follow and fun – fun to see how my body can change for the better in a matter of week. I’m a soccer player too and I felt so much lighter on the field and quicker on my feet!

Since starting Erica Suter’s nutrition and workout program, I have seen mental and physical results that I didn’t even know were possible. The first week was tough, as is any new lifestyle change. However, after I made it past the first week and developed a routine, it seemed like second nature to reach for fruit instead of cookies, and lean meats and vegetables instead of cheese-laden MONSTERS. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much stronger I was becoming, mentally and physically. I could go on about how amazing being on Erica’s plan has been. In the nearly 3 months that I’ve been participating in it, I can see how this has become the new normal for how I will live my life.

Many girls my age think that the best way to stay lean and in shape is to do nothing but yoga and cardio. Over the past few years this had become my routine as well until Erica stepped in almost a year ago. At first I was surprised by the amount of weight training that was added to our bi-weekly meetings since I was always told (by people who think they are experts) that if I kept moving to heavier weights that I would start to look bulky instead of leaner. Erica has done a terrific job into proving that theory wrong! Over the months she has provided a great rotation of various exercises, lifts, types of work-outs and even healthy meal and snack ideas which has helped create a toner and stronger me! She has made adjustments to each session based on how my body reacted and not of a check list like my previous trainers, i.e. 50 push-up, 100 crunches etc. Each session brings a new obstacle such as a kettle bell workout, crawling, glute toning, or core activation, which allows me to implement a new phase to my workouts on Erica’s off days.

I was 15 pounds overweight and really thinking that my playing career could be over. Now I’m playing the best soccer I have been playing since I was 17. Just to give everyone an idea of how bad my hips were when we started out, I could barely do a hip raise without weight, and now I am doing this stuff with ease. I am excited about keeping this journey going with Erica as my strength coach. She has made me more powerful, explosive, agile, and has showed me hip mobility exercises, which has been my main problem area since we started. If you’re looking for someone who is truly looking out for your better interest, Erica is the person to go to.” –Chris Saul, Men’s Semi-Professional Soccer Player.

Ever since I’ve started training with Erica, I’ve noticed my lifts getting better and my core getting more powerful. Now I’m able to lift weights I never thought I could manage before.

Erica Suter is on the leading edge of training load management and strength training. My daughters have been using her for two months. If you have soccer girls who want quality, smart, training she is worth a look.