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My daughter has been training with Erica for over two years, and all I can say is WOW. Erica always comes prepared with a workout and training routine that is appropriate and challenging. Originally focusing on technical skills, the sessions have evolved and now include; stretching/flexibility, core strength building, explosiveness, as well as ball handling and other soccer drills.

Erica is so motivational to me. Not only is she encouraging but she’s also a very beautiful person, both physically and spiritually. I just can’t say enough good things about her and I truly see her as a great friend, not just a trainer.

I am excited about keeping this journey going with Erica as my strength coach. She has made me more powerful, explosive, agile, and has showed me hip mobility exercises, which has been my main problem area since we started. If you’re looking for someone who is truly looking out for your better interest, Erica is the person to go to.

With one phone call, Erica was ready to assist Camryn with anything she needed. Erica focused on strengthening, flexibility, balance, and conditioning. Erica built a program specific to Camryn ‘s needs and worked at an aggressive, yet safe pace. Erica always took into account what Camryn could handle, balanced with how to strengthen her body. Erica is a caring, hard working, dependable, professional trainer with so much expertise. Camryn could not have returned to soccer, let alone, make varsity soccer, without Erica’s strength and conditioning program.

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