Erica suter

Youth Female Athlete Speed and Strength Coach

Performance Training for Young Female Athletes

Building fast, strong, resilient, confident athletes

Increase Strength, Speed And Resilience

to become a better athlete and reduce injury risk

Build A Powerful and Confident Mindset

that promotes health and success in life and sports

Learn To Have Fun And Commit to the Process

by being more present and dialed in with your training habits

My work has been featured in prominent media outlets including

When training is
not fun,
Sports are
no longer fun

  • Is your daughter losing her love for sports because she’s not fast or strong enough?
  • Is your pre-teen or teenager struggling with low self-confidence or a negative body image?
  • Are you concerned with sports injuries or pain that prevents her from achieving her dreams?
  • Do you want your child to develop into a strong, healthy, and resilient adult athlete?

Every young girl deserves the lifelong benefits of
strength, power and good health.

As a mentor and coach, I train her to develop the necessary traits of a great athlete and confident woman who has what it takes to succeed.

Your daughter deserves a coach who can:

  • Maximize her athletic potential and show her how to use it
  • Transform her weakness into strength and insecurities into confidence
  • Turn her questions into answers and empower her with knowledge
  • Sharpen her speed and change of direction mechanics while safeguarding her against injury
  • Equip her with healthy habits and a mindset for long-term success
  • Teach her to get up when she falls and get better from mistakes
  • Show how being present and having fun can accelerate athletic progress


Many of my female athletes have gone on to top universities.

Are you ready to become
faster, stronger, and more competitive
in your game?

Here’s how it works

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Purchase the recommended program for 3, 6, or 12 months
Commit to the work, enjoy the process, and excel as an athlete!

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coaching plans

Standard Coaching

plan features

  • Phone App Access to Your Workouts
  • Speed, Agility, Strength, and Conditioning Focus
  • Customization of In-Season and Off-Season Workouts
  • Exercise Video Demos
  • Initial Assessment
  • Re-Assessment
  • Progress Tracking
  • Private FB Community Access
  • Monthly LIVE Calls with Erica in FB Community

High Level Online Coaching

plan features

  • Load Monitoring around individual practice and game schedules
  • Constant updates to program based on player schedule changes
  • Weekly Zoom Check-Ins as well as personalized coaching videos for improved technique
  • Exercise Video Demos
  • Initial Assessment
  • Re-Assessment
  • Daily text message access to me as a coach
  • Scheduled Zoom ‘Confidence Calls’ when an athlete needs to talk (my open door policy for an athlete to book at any time!)
  • Extra challenging and specific workout progressions
  • Customization for injured players or players returning from injury
  • 3-5 Days a Week of Workouts depending on the season
  • Weekly Motivation Text Messages to Athletes

Competitive sports are about
more than just winning or losing.

It’s about finding yourself, building character, and having FUN
with a team of friends who struggle, evolve, and celebrate together!

It’s also about…

Developing strength,
resilience, and self-esteem
so you can overcome setbacks and handle criticism

Adopting a winning mindset
to go after your goals
while being confident in your ability to achieve them

Establishing healthy nutrition
and exercise routines
that will have a lasting positive impact on every area of life

Increase your body and
mind connection
to optimize athletic performance and power

Strengthen muscles and
stabilize joints
so you can train hard without risking injury

Advance your athletic and
technical skills
so you can move safely with power and precision

Being rewarded for your
hard work
so you feel motivated to keep it up

Grow from mistakes when
you fail
so you can use it as a tool to improve.

Fast track your path to
top universities
by developing an edge above your competition

Hi, I’m Erica

As a Youth Strength & Conditioning Coach, I have specialized in performance and injury prevention for young female athletes for the last decade.

As an international coach with a worldwide clientele, nothing makes me prouder than my students. Many of the female athletes with whom I have worked since middle school have grown into thriving collegiate athletes at top universities like UNC, MIT, Harvard, Columbia and I couldn’t be more proud of their hard-earned success.

My superstar students have channeled their extraordinary focus, commitment, and talent into accolades such as high school state championships, player of the year titles, spots in the US national pool, and straight A’s with honors.


  • Master of Science in Exercise Science and Sports Performance Enhancement
  • USSF “C” License
  • NSPA Certified Speed And Agility Coach
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • USA Weight-Lifting Sports Performance Coach (USAW Level 1)


  • NSCAA All-American Collegiate Soccer Player
  • NSCAA Academic All-American Collegiate Soccer Player
  • Johns Hopkins University Outstanding Female Athlete
  • Johns Hopkins University #2 Goal Scoring Record Holder
  • Semi-professional Soccer Player Vasco da Gama Brazil
  • Semi-professional Soccer Player ASA Chesapeake Charge (USA)
  • USA D3 National Midfielder of the Year

Commit to the long game.
Train for the hard road.
Win in the long run.

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