Youth Soccer Fitness

The Total Youth Soccer Fitness program is unlike any other. All of the information regarding youth soccer fitness is compiled into one resource right at your fingertips.

It includes detailed explanations on warm-up, injury prevention, strength training, agility training, mindset training, and recovery and programming. You will receive a plethora of exercise tutorials, fun drills, programming samples, and more.

And if you are passionate about youth fitness and want to learn more of the science and exercise physiology behind it, this program simplifies everything you need to know.


If you are eager to learn how to train kids both safely and effectively, this program is for you.

When you finish reading, you will feel confident with executing fitness programs for kids. Moreover, you will have a better understanding of why certain exercises improve a kid’s soccer performance.


Why I created this program?

With so much misinformation out there in the youth performance world, as well as the increased rate of burnout and dropout across youth sports, I want to re-instill the fun in youth sports, especially through fitness. My mission is to make kids passionate and creative through movement. This program is a diary of my wealth of experience with youth athletes over the past six and a half years, and I am excited to share the drills I have used on my athletes.

Beyond kids dropping out of sports more, kids are getting injured and sidelined from their sport. More often than not, fitness programs are not designed safely for this population. I want to teach coaches, parents and anyone involved in youth soccer what components are critical for maintaining the health of their kids.

Why the youth fitness program is unique?

There is no other program out there like this. With over 60 warm-up, strength, agility and recovery drill videos in one place, extensive exercise science and functional training benefits, laid out programming, and chapters on nutrition and recovery, this program includes everything you need to know about youth fitness. After reading, you will be fully equipped to inspire kids to optimize their athleticism, as well as inspire their love for movement.


Features of this program?

Over 60 drill videos on warm-up, strength, agility, and recovery workouts.

Over 20 videos with specific tutorials on how to teach form, with external coaching cues.

Chapter outlining proper warm-up and how it prepares kids for competition and performing optimally.

Chapter outlining coordination and how it improves sport specific skills, speed, agility, and brain power.

Chapter outlining strength training for the total body to improve performance, increase speed and agility, and reduce chance of injury.

Chapter outlining agility training with over 10 sample drills to improve stance, movement, and reactive ability.

Chapter outlining mindset training that discusses overcoming adversity, honing confidence, and building friendships with teammates.

Chapter outlining recovery with over 20 exercises to do post-competition.

Chapter outlining programming for coaches with 5 sample programs for in-season and off-season.

Functional anatomy explanations on soccer performance and muscles used during the actions in the game.


Testimonials from Erica’s youth clients

"Our daughter has trained with Coach E over the last year. Her training sessions are targeted and successful. Our daughter loves Coach E and finds her training challenging but fun and rewarding. The most amazing experience is watching your children's weaknesses become their strengths and we can thank Coach E for this! Highly recommend!"

"Erica has trained both my daughters and many close friends. She is an amazing person, who cares about your insides just as much as she cares about your muscle definition and performance. I trust her. She is very effective and motivating. Erica is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I’ll send my kids, to her over and over."

"My son, entering 9th grade Fall 2018, has participated in Coach Erica's training sessions, and her High School prep camp. He always leaves a session with a positive feeling of accomplishment, and a take-away that he's able to apply in his game play. In fact, he participated in a second prep camp and came home saying that camp should've challenged us more, like Coach Erica's camp. My son made the High School team, and he felt Coach Erica's approach to fitness in conjunction with soccer development was a huge confidence boost in his readiness for tryouts."

"Our daughter has been working with Erica for about 6 months. In just a short amount of time she has helped her grow her soccer skills AND her confidence has sky rocketed. This has helped her grow both on and off the field. Erica provides a great role model for our 13 year old at a very critical point in her life. Erica is very knowledgeable and I love how she teaches girls that strength, agility and conditioning are an important part of their development as an athlete."

"After 8 months of training with Coach Erica, my daughter has shown tremendous growth in skills, strength and overall confidence. That she can motivate a 13 year old to work so hard and enjoy it so much is a gift. Erica is very knowledgeable, professional and a positive role model for our daughter."

"My son has trained with Erica for over 3 years, working with her one-on-one, in small and larger groups. Training with Erica has improved his soccer skills considerably and made him a more well-rounded athlete. Erica has a passion for what she does and it really shows in how well she connects to the kids she works with. My son thinks of her not just as a coach, but as a mentor and friend. I attribute much of his success in soccer to the training he has done with Erica, including receiving a scholarship to play soccer at a private high school."

"My daughter has been training with Coach Erica for almost four years. Quickly my daughters confidence (on and off the pitch) and focus increased. Just knowing she had someone (not her Dad) with which to discuss soccer and fitness workouts was helpful. Over time, my daughters strength, fitness, endurance, and soccer skills improved more than they would have without Coach Erica. Her balance of training programs throughout the season(s) has kept Samantha motivated and engaged. Sam is disappointed when we need to miss a session. Coach Erica cares about "her" girls both on and off the field and in and out of the gym, and is happy to discuss whatever challenge they are facing."


Testimonials from the top performance coaches in the industry

"With youth sports participation booming at an all time high, there needs to be more focus placed on preparing young athletes for the rigors of their respective sport(s). From understanding nutrition, strength training, and recovery methods, Erica Suter is as good as it gets when it comes to working with youth athletes. Her ability to communicate, adapt, and modify her programs for each individual is what sets her apart. Any athlete who has the opportunity to work with her is in good hands."

"Erica is one of the most dedicated youth performance coaches I have come across. She shows an intense dedication to training her athletes while using methods that are foundational, simple, necessary, and no BS. Erica is no BS. From her coaching style, to her writing style, she helps athletes understand how they can become better at what they want - to play and succeed at the highest level possible."

"Erica impresses me. She gets it. When it comes to training youth athletes she understands she's not speaking to the Ronaldo's or Alex Morgan's of the world; her goal isn't to emulate their current training approaches and methodologies. Rather, it's to build and mold young athletes by hammering the basics and ingraining in them the concepts of effort, grit, character, hard work, and, more importantly, the premise of having fun with training.It behooves any coach or parent to listen to Erica."

"Erica is a well-educated, thoroughly experienced coach. It's been a pleasure collaborating with and learning from her over the last few months. She is a wealth of knowledge and skilled instructor, with a great sense of humor to back it up. She wants to change the industry for the better, and you can tell in her work."

"Erica brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to back up her principles on working with today's youth athlete. As someone who coached collegiate female soccer players for over a decade, I feel that it is imperative to equip youth athletes with the proper knowledge and training to deal with the numerous issues that they will encounter over the course of their playing career. Erica does just that by helping players build a foundation with her strength and conditioning programs in a way that is practical and effective. The longevity and health of any youth player's career depends on a solid strength and conditioning program from someone that understands the demands of the game. Those demands on players is rapidly evolving as the game continues to become faster and players' speed, strength, and athleticism become key components to their success and their health. Erica knows these demands well. She is able to balance a strength and conditioning program with technical and tactical demands to help players achieve maximum success on the field. I would highly recommend any youth athlete looking to play at ANY level, work with and learn from Erica Suter."

"When I first met Erica I instantly recognised that she is among the growing wave of coaches who espouse an integrated model of player development; quite simply the ability to integrate soccer technical/tactical practice with best practice/approach from the world of S&C and sports science, at an appropriate and responsible level, allows Erica to not only develop her players as soccer-athletes but also to cater for their vital personal development needs. In an era of ‘specialists’ Erica has found her niche as a ‘specialist-generalist’….she understands that player & personal development is not linear but is multi-faceted and takes time. Do yourself a favour, read this program more than once and then reach out to Erica to join part of the growing tribe that will support future success of US soccer, at all levels, for generations to come…..your players will thank you"

"I am a big fan Erica Suter as a coach, but also as a blogger! What I love is she in the trenches as a sports performance coach, working with her athletes and getting them better every day! We have too many "coaches" writing programs and coming out with products, that don't even coach! Erica is my go to resource for training the female soccer player!"

So now that you know more about the features and benefits of this program, how much does the it cost?

The program* is on sale for



* Digital Download Only


Product benefits

You will learn how to safely train kids and ensure they are healthy for the length of their athletic careers and lives.

You will receive specific programming on how to build athleticism during the busy soccer season.

You will receive specific programming on how to make your kids the fastest, strongest, and most resilient athletes during the off-season.

You will get a library of fun exercises that inspire kids to fall in love with fitness and movement.

You will receive strength and agility drills that make kids stronger, quicker, and more confident both on and off the field.


Can this program be applied to all youth sports?

Yes! The soccer component of this program discusses why each exercise is good for soccer, but the strength training drills can be applied to all youth sports, from wrestling to snowboarding to basketball and more. The warm-up, coordination and agility drills in the program can apply to all kids of all sports to encourage more movement and fun! Additionally, the nutrition and recovery chapter can apply to ALL athletes.

The introduction and programming chapter are the main chapters for the soccer world.

Why should I care about a youth fitness program?

Children’s bodies are fragile and growing, so we must learn how to treat them with great care and safety when it comes to fitness.

And with the growing rate of sedentary children, what better way to encourage them to get moving than a multitude of fun drills, coordination, and strength exercises that can be performed at home.

What age group is this for?

This program goes into detail on the 11-15 years old age group – a population that is going through a tremendous growth spurt, but is still able to focus on strength.

Can 15+ year olds benefit from this program?

YES! Even though 15+ year olds are in a performance phase that focuses more on strength and power development, the agility, strength and balance drills will be beneficial for a lifetime.

Can under 11 year olds benefit from this program?

The under 11 year olds would benefit the most from the fun, play drills in the program. These allow them to explore movement in a fun manner. Under 11 year olds, however, do not necessarily have to embark on a structured strength program and perform squats, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups, etc.

Instead, I urge under 11 year olds to climb trees, play on the playground, crawl, hop, skip, and just play!

Does the program give specifics on how to program sets and reps?

Yes, the final chapter of the program includes several sample programs based on the soccer season and how exercises can be sprinkled into a kid’s busy practice schedule.

So with just one click, you can have everything on youth fitness at your fingertips. The best part of this program is you can reference it forever, and it will always be there to guide you so you can explore new drills with your youth athletes. You will be guided every step of the way from coaching cues to tutorial videos and what to look out for to ensure kids are performing drills safely.

Youth fitness is critical for performance, injury prevention, and athletic success. This program is a call for you to take action and get started with inspiring your athletes to move more, and to move WELL.

So now that you know more about the features and benefits of this program, how much does the it cost?

The program* is on sale for



* Digital Download Only