Year-Round Periodization for Youth Soccer Players

Year-Round Periodization for Youth Soccer Players

This much I know: youth soccer players train and play more than professionals.

The year-round schedule is packed with practices, technical training sessions, free play nights, games and tournaments.

And sometimes, players play two to three games a week with an itty bitty 24-hour recovery window.

Excuse me, but this is abuse.

It’s no wonder players are tearing their ACLs due to fatigue.

It’s not surprising maturing 13-year-olds are getting patellar pain.

It’s not shocking youth players suffer soft tissue injuries two weeks into season.

And it’s sad, to say the least.

So how do we even begin to navigate through the chaos and ensure our players stay healthy?

Well, I am here to help.

First, I will be releasing the advanced version of Total Youth Soccer Fitness beginning of 2020.

It will be an extensive product on year-round youth soccer periodization (in other words, strength and conditioning planning broken down by the week and outlined over the full year).

It will include a full template with workbooks on off-season, pre-season and in-season to do in the gym and on the pitch.

It will include specific warm-up videos for strength and running days.

It will include speed and agility coaching and run days with proper work-to-rest ratios, sets and reps for coaches to execute.

It will include best recovery exercises post-practice and post-game.

It will include progressive strength and power training with tweaked sets and reps each week so players get stronger and faster.

It will include workbooks to track progress.

It will include beginner (bodyweight) and advanced (weight) movement options.

It will include starter and non-starter in-season programs.

It will include injured player programs so they stay fit while hurt.

It will include every ounce of my heart and soul because I’m so passionate about year-round programming for youth players. 

But to first get you familiar with what year-round planning means, listen to THIS PODCAST I did with Coach Julia Eyre.

We go so in-depth that we had to divide our discussion into two episodes. This one is all off-season and pre-season training for youth soccer players.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Part 2 diving into everything in-season training, load monitoring and recovery.

To get started on fitness for youth soccer players, with sample programs, strength movements, and agility drills, get Total Youth Soccer Fitness.

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