My Favorite Workout and Nutrition Products for Female Athletes

My Favorite Workout and Nutrition Products for Female Athletes

Mini Bands for Hip Strength

Every female athlete needs a mini band in her bag. This is the first piece of equipment I recommend my remote and in person athletes get to be successful in our program. Mini bands are incredibly versatile and can be used for various hip and core exercises. You can get a pack of various resistances HERE.



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Nuts n More Peanut Butter

Nutrition is a massive part of what I do, as a female athlete cannot reap the benefits of her workout without a powerful post workout snack or meal. One thing that has been coming up lately is players are exclaiming that peanut butter is a great protein source.

Actually, it’s not. It is more of a source of fat as it does not contain all of the essential amino acids for muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

I highly recommend Nuts n More Peanut Butter because it is packed with whey protein, has minimal sugar, and it comes in a myriad of yummy flavors! You can get their best flavor, Birthday Cake Peanut Butter HERE

Pull-Up Bar + Assistance Bands

The second recommendation I make to my clients as well as all female athletes is get a pull-up bar for the home. I strongly believe you can never do enough pull-ups and hangs from the bar to build upper body, core and grip strength. Too, pull-ups are excellent for improving slouched posture. The best bar is this one.

If your female athlete is concerned she cannot do a pull-up yet, check out these pull-up assist bands HERE. Also, check it out this video demo on how to use them properly to get an extra boost:

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I hope you love these products! Let me know how you do and how addicting the peanut butter is. ;-O

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