BIG Announcement: Are You Ready?

BIG Announcement: Are You Ready?

You’ve all been waiting for the big announcement and here it is: I’m starting another podcast.

It’s crazy, I know. And just when you thought I had a lot to say on The Soccer Queens Podcast, get ready…I’m just warming up.

When I started coaching, I wanted to inspire young girls to strength train and fall in love with movement. Now after almost ten years of working with youth female athletes, I realize everything I do is more than just the physical, and I am more than a speed and strength coach.

In fact, every time I go out to an event with friends or family, and people ask me over cocktail hour what I do, I answer with: “I don’t even know my title anymore.”

Truthfully, the exercise science, speed and conditioning, and injury prevention training are all slivers of what I do. I guess I’m a strength coach? But I’m also a holistic performance coach, confidence builder, facilitator and so much more.

The Soccer Queens Podcast will still be rolling despite my new venture.

It has covered a myriad of other performance components such as nutrition, mindset, anxiety, meditation, and personal adversity, and I may or may not have teared up in a few episodes.

Alas, I want to keep Soccer Queens training, speed development and sport science focused only moving forward, and shift the career, business, and relationships and all the juicy topics to a separate podcast.

Enter: Girls to Queens Podcast

First things first: I’m not alone on this journey.

My good friend and track performance coach to youth female athletes, Gena Bradshaw, will be joining me as my co-host. Gena brings the sass and the feisty, and I bring the wisdom and the clarity.

We are the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, dark and light, order and chaos (hence, the black and white polarity in the cover photo).

We’re so artsy. ;-O

So what are we going to talk about?

We will be speaking to high school and college girls about all things mindset, relationships, holistic health, and career goals, and some of the specific episodes include:

  • Growth vs Fixed Mindset
  • What is a true role model?
  • Money Mindset- Managing Finances Early
  • Shenanigans in Our Early 20’s And What We Learned
  • Dangers of Social Media
  • Body Positivity: Is It Making Us Lazy?
  • Living a Sober Life
  • Handling Peer Pressure
  • Owning Our Feminine Power
  • Modern Day Feminism: Setting Us Free, Or Keeping Us Slaves?
  • Strength Training for Chicks
  • Girl’s Holistic Health, Hormones
  • Red Flags and Dating
  • Finding A Respectful Partner
  • You Attract What You Are
  • College Sports and Mindset
  • Setting Boundaries with Friends and Boyfriends
  • Having the Courage to Start a Business Young
  • Picking the right Girlfriends who support you
  • Living A Drama Free Life
  • Knowing Your Worth
  • Texting and Dating in 2021
  • Social Media and Dating in 2021
  • Qualities of a High Value Girl
  • What We Wish We Learned In College
  • Nourishing from the Inside Out
  • Getting Through Rock Bottom
  • Investing vs. Saving Money
  • Living Minimally and Simply
  • Overcoming the Victim Mindset as a Female
  • Stop Blaming Men for Your Problems
  • Healing Insecurities and Trauma
  • Teaching Others How to Treat You
  • What Is True Female Empowerment?
  • Are Your Role Models Toxic?

…and so many more!

Basically, we will be touching on all the juicy topics girls aren’t taught in school, and providing an alternative message to what they’re hammered with from news, celebrities and mainstream media.

Life is freaking hard to navigate as a young woman, and we want to help girls step into their power in all areas of their lives – health, relationships, career/academics, mindset, purpose, nourishment, finances and strength with integrity, purpose and passion.

I wish I learned how to invest in high school.

I wish I learned how to be a victor, not a victim as a female.

I wish I learned how to catch red flags in partners.

I wish I learned how to express my needs to friends and loved ones.

I wish I learned how to take care of my internal health.

I wish I learned how to save money and start a business young.

I wish  l learned how to set boundaries and fill my own cup.

I wish I learned my liberation as a woman is my relaxation.

I wish I learned men aren’t bad and are here to help me.

Now that I’m 31, I finally feel I’m dialed in in all of these areas, but wow, did it take some time to learn due to minimal guidance in the education system, and the constant messaging from trauma filled and pilled celebrities.

Newsflash: there’s many versions of what a strong, empowered girl can be.

With that said, are you ready to go from a Girl to a Queen?

Cannot wait for you to listen.

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  • Nick Benhoff
    Posted at 15:33h, 11 June Reply

    This is going to be great! Thanks so much for all the value you provide for newer strength coaches!

    • erica
      Posted at 23:40h, 11 June Reply

      Thanks, Nick! We are so EXCITED!

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