Technique Tuesday: Dumbbell Push Press

Technique Tuesday: Dumbbell Push Press

Building the total young athlete involves several things:

– Attacking all muscle groups in the gym
– Working on explosiveness and building power (moving weights fast)
– Doing power movements purposefully and correctly

The Dumbbell Push Press is one of my favorite total body power movements that works on hip extension (hamstrings, glutes), the primary action involved in acceleration and “first step.”

Too, the overhead component of punching the dumbbells to the ceiling loads the axial skeleton, which promotes better bone growth in maturing kids.

Before pressing overhead, I recommend young athletes warm up the shoulder girdle and open up their posture with a few sets of max hangs:

Please work on max hangs several times a week for better posture, shoulder mobility, core stability, and grip strength.

Then, enjoy this week’s tutorial and exercise:

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