Secrets to Giving Youth Athletes An Edge

Secrets to Giving Youth Athletes An Edge

There’s a lot I’ve cut out of my life in the past year:

– Alcohol
– Gluten
– Mainstream news
– Social media arguments

In fact, the buffoonery that happens in the online space is fascinating to observe. For one, when people hate and attack others for their character without knowing them, it’s tough for me to understand because I’m not a hater myself.

Expounding further, I’ve gotten to a point where I feel sorry, in fact, pain for those who bully others online. I mean, why aren’t they spending time with their wife? Their kids? Building their business? Reading personal development books? Hugging a kitten? Working on their muscles?

Instead of building themselves up, they’re tearing others down.

One thing that I’ve been attacked for, yet immensely proud of in my life, is living the most natural, toxic free, drug free, pharmaceutical free, jab free, healthy, simple, nourished, well rested life possible. It’s been a continuous, yet challenging pursuit but one I’m grateful to lean into daily. It’s hard to say no to pleasures, quick fixes, and all the sludge that poisons our bodies with short term satisfaction. Though hard work, it’s also been incredibly enriching and fulfilling.

What’s funny is, I’ve been attacked and called a conspiracy theorist for healing my body with nature, nourishing it with nutrient dense foods, hydrating with bone broth and wholes fruits and veggies, saying no to chemicals and shots, discussing the importance of Vitamin D from sunlight for immune function, getting movement every day, and a plethora of other natural health and performance tips that give young athletes their power back, instead of relying on a quick fix, medication or pill.

Though bullied weekly, I don’t engage.

All I can do is continue to share my message, one I’ve been passionate about for my entire life, and one I’ve seen bolster my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The more those around me get dark, the more I shine my light.

I implore you to check out this article Give Your Young Athletes An Edge By Doing These Unconventional Tips No One Knows.

And then check out this awesome podcast I did with Sean Haber, an amazing performance coach in Israel who is also utilizing the same natural training methods I am, and getting magical results with his athletes. Our hope for all kids is to teach them the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, proper nourishment, daily sun exposure, and consistent quality sleep. Oh, and cutting out toxic junk from their lives.

If parents want their kids to have an edge, they’ll need to execute these simple, yet hard habits. Do the work and enjoy.

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