Physical and Mental Health for Young Girls: What They’re Seeing On TikTok

Physical and Mental Health for Young Girls: What They’re Seeing On TikTok

I’ve been through a lot.

Now that I’m in my 30s, I look back on my teenage and college years and can’t help but think, ‘wow, I wish I had more guidance.’

More guidance on nutrition, sleep, mindset, dating, healthy relationships, and so much more that is not taught in the education system.

Basic life skills, 101.

And while our parents did an amazing job to help us navigate these facets of life, there are still an incredible amount of challenges thrown at young girls as they go through adolescence and college.

Adding to the mess, there’s social media and its relentless toxic content.

This is why my friend and female athlete strength coach, Gena Bradshaw, and I started the Girls to Queens Podcast.

Though we love training girls to lift weights and get under the iron to build strong bodies, we believe this isn’t enough. The physical training is just one sliver of the pie of life.

Our podcast dives into more niche topics that young girls can relate to today, such as:

– Healing from Codependency and Building Healthy Relationships
– Navigating Social Media and Comparison
– Presenting Yourself Professionally on Social Media
– Dating the Red Flags to Look for
– Having the Courage to Pursue Your Passion
– Body Positivity and Chronic Disease
– Attracting Healthy Partners
– Being A Woman Who Doesn’t Play Victim

…and so much more!

If you are a girl dad or mom, I implore you to share this alternative narrative from our show Girls to Queens Podcast.

We are far, far from the celebrity “boss queen” “hot girl summer” culture that traps girls in a victim, resentful mindset and encourages them to cheat, be promiscuous and numb themselves to quick fixes.

Yes, this is all happening on TikTok, and your girls are constantly hammered with this messaging.

But fear not! We are here to save the day.

Listen to our podcast HERE.

We urge you to share with all young girls, athletes and non-athletes alike, and share and subscribe to get the word out.

Time to start a revolution.

*cue Game of Thrones theme song*


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