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Advance Your Coaching Skills with a Video Course on Training the Youth Female Athlete

Secure Athlete Success With Progressed Training Techniques

Secure Athlete Success Mastering Your Coaching Cues to help your female athletes learn strength and injury prevention.

Sharpen Your Skillset With Theoretical And Practical Education

Do you want clarity and confidence in your abilityto apply strength and conditioning drills in a practical setting?

Do you want to be the best in your fieldby specializing in training female athletes?

Do you want to learn safe and effective exercisesThat will give your athletes a competitive edge?

Do you want to teach the physiology of training and how it relates to practical application?

Do you want to teach a method that prevents injurieswhile optimizing athletic progress and performance?

Do you want tools to develop your own programs for girls that work on speed, agility, and injury reduction?

As a soccer coach and player since age six, I know you want to achieve excellence in your field.

Coaching female athletes requires a distinguished skillset for optimal results; as does training young girls experiencing a growth spurt at the start of their athletic journey.

Not only do you need a firm grasp of numerous practical skills, but you also need a foundational physiological understanding of the female physique as it relates to training during different life stages; especially throughout the crucial period of adolescence.

The problem is that it’s near impossible to find substantial research and education resources on training female athletes.

To solve this issue, I created a comprehensive solution: an online video course that educates coaches with the necessary practical and theoretical skills to train young and mature female athletes.

Establishing positive training routines early can make a monumental difference in a young woman’s life; particularly when taught correctly by someone keen to ensure her long-term success and health.

I remember what it was like to be a young female athlete striving for greatness, and I know first-hand the value of a knowledgeable, dedicated coach who can safely guide you in that direction.

When I discovered the game of soccer as a little girl, I was fast enamored with the intense team spirit and world of creating, sprinting and moving. Soccer quickly turned into my greatest passion in life, and I was rarely seen without a ball growing up; always training in my front yard, working to be my best.

In middle school, I had an amazing coach who introduced me to the concepts of speed, strength and conditioning training. He taught me to lift weights with correct form, and encouraged me to overcome what seemed like impossible feats through power building exercises like pull-ups, power cleans, deadlifts and much more.

The moral of the story is that strength and conditioning training had an almost magical impact on my journey as a woman.

Not only did it instill me with lifelong habits of being healthy, strong and powerful; it also empowered my athletic and academic confidence in a way that has been instrumental to my personal and professional success.

Soccer has always been a central part of my life; except during my lowest point, when I was going through an abusive relationship. I almost forgot who I was during this time, but I ultimately pulled through thanks to my athletic strength, training routines, and undying passion for my sport.

I went on to play soccer at John Hopkins University, where I broke the school’s all-time scoring record for midfielders. I started and led the scores each season, was a three-time All-American, and became team captain by my senior year.

For the past 9 years, I’ve been coaching thousands of young female athletes in performance and injury reduction.

My coaching techniques has led to the success of girls in the Elite Clubs National League, Development Academy and University of Maryland, University of North Carolina, UMBC, Towson University, Johns Hopkins University, UNC Davidson and MIT women’s soccer team.

Erica is very engaged and knowledgeable. She quickly built rapport with my daughter. Exceptionally organized in her approach and clearly had a plan for how each session was going to flow. I highly recommend Erica!

Erica has taught me moves to use in games and has improved my agility and conditioning. Erica is the best trainer I have ever had and is the sweetest person ever.

Coach Erica is a great coach. We were really impressed with her soccer experience, and more importantly, as a female soccer player, since we were looking for a female role model for my daughter’s soccer development. My daughter absolutely loves Erica’s coaching and technical training and has learned a great deal since we started. She has improved quite noticeably in a short time in almost every aspect of soccer (ball handling, control, dribbling, shooting, etc). Most valuable to us is Erica actually trains my daughter by playing against her. We recommend to other youth players, especially to girls, without any hesitation.

My daughter Sam has been training with Erica since late summer and all I can say is WOW. Erica always comes prepared with a workout and training routine that is appropriate and challenging. Originally focusing on technical skills, the sessions have evolved and now include; stretching/flexibility, core strength building, explosiveness, as well as ball handling and other soccer drills. The progress Sam is making is a joy to watch. While Sam’s foot work, moves, shots, and decision making have greatly improved, I am most excited about her increased confidence both on and off the field. We only wish we had found Erica sooner.


My work has been featured in prominent media outlets including

As a professional soccer coach

I want to extend my own experience and give new generation young female athletes the tools to adapt lasting healthy routines that empowers them with the same resilience and glowing self-esteem that has made me a better coach, colleague, friend, daughter and human.

To provide coaches like you with the tools to achieve that goal

I’ve developed a method specifically centered around training female athletes through the most dynamic period of growth while ensuring lasting positive results.

My comprehensive video course contains 14 Training Modules with everything you need to coach female athletes, including:

  • Training Young Female Athletes Through Growth Spurt And Maturation Stages
  • How To Warm Up Female Athletes For Injury Reduction (coach Ivi Casagrande
  • Daily Non-Negotiable Strength Movements For Female Athlete
  • The Importance Of Feet, Ankles And Calves And How To Train
  • Hip And Core Strengthening Exercises
  • Total Body Strength Session
  • Beginner Plyometric For Middle School Girls
  • Speed Training For Middle School Girls
  • Advanced Plyometric For High School Girls
  • Acceleration And Speed For High School Girls
  • Change Of Direction And Agility For High School Girls
  • Recovery Techniques With Stretching, Meditating And Sleeping
  • Nutrition And The Menstrual Cycle (ucla Women’s Soccer Dietician, Reilly Beatty)
  • Putting It All Together: Sample Female Athlete Fitness Program

If you want to take your coaching practice to the next level, my Video Course for Female Athlete Coaches will allow you to:

Diversify your training model

with a wide arsenal of targeted exercises specifically designed to promote healthy athletic progress and recovery in pre-adolescent and adolescent females

Elevate Your Competence Level

with rarified knowledge of how to safely coach female athletes and female sports teams for optimal, long-term athleticism and performance, without risking injury or other setbacks

Create More Effective Programs

with a stronger understanding of how to apply and explain theoretical strength and conditioning techniques in a practical individual or group setting

Increase professional confidence

with greater physiological understanding of the most effective holistic approach to serve young female athletes for improved performance and injury reduction

Excel in your coaching career

with an advanced, multifaceted strategy that helps female athletes develop competitive skills in areas like speed, agility, balance and strength on and off the pitch

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Instead of staying in a the comfort zone, commit to excellence that sets you apart from the competition. Instead of thinking of short term results, invest in training that yields long-term success----for your athletes, and for you.

You’re worth it, and so are they!

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