I’m Writing A Female Athlete Print Book

I’m Writing A Female Athlete Print Book

Just when I thought my brain was exhausted from dumping out more words, I figured the best way to wrap of 2021 was to write a print book. I’m a unicorn.

As I approach over a decade of coaching female athletes speed, strength, agility, and conditioning, I am ready to write a massive body of work for everyone to have in-hand.

This book will be an evidence and experience based text, as there is only one other book out there on female athlete  training.

It’s a fantastic book, but it is more on the pediatric side, and not for sport performance and the details of injury reduction.

You bet my book will dive into these topics:

– Early specialization
– The ACL epidemic
– Overuse injuries in females
– Growth spurts
– Free play and the brain
– Nutritional considerations
– Speed development
– Female emotional training
– Plyometric training
– Risk factors for ACL injury
– Confidence training

To be honest, a good chunk of the book is on the physical side of performance, but the final chapter on mental confidence is a beast. It’s my favorite. And I know many young girls will enjoy reading it and feel called to take action in their lives to become empowered, unshakeable, and unstoppable.

So when will it be out?

Good question. I am hoping for December 2021. When I polled my followers if I would be done before Christmas, 97% voted yes, so thank you all for having faith in my writing and editing abilities. ;-O

Can you pre-order?

Yes! If you are on my email list or follow my Twitter intently, you will be the first to know when it is ready for pre-sale.

What should you do in the mean time while I finish editing my print book?

Pray for me.

Oh! And…

I recommend checking out my eBook to get a head start on the basics of youth performance training, as my print book is going to be extremely in depth, scientific, and female specific and technical. Okay, okay, it will also still be my usual, funny writing style with hilarious athlete and personal stories to keep everyone captivated from start to finish.

Think of it as a blend of cutting edge science and sharp witted words. A dissertation coupled with a fairy tale. A textbook but also a comedy. Just go with it.

I cannot wait for you to get your hands on The Strong Female Athlete book. It is going to be an incredible resource for coaches and young female athletes to keep in their sports bags and refer back to for physical and mental strength.




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