Off-Season Conditioning for Soccer Players

Off-Season Conditioning for Soccer Players

Conditioning for soccer players needs to be a higher intensity than the game.

Here’s what soccer players already cover:

– Aerobic fitness
– Jogging motor pattern

They tick these boxes during warm-up, during technical drills, and low to moderate intensity small-sided games.

Here’s what soccer players need: high intensity conditioning where they are reaching >90-95% of their heart rate max. You know, the lung burning, being pushed to the limit kind.

This can be done in the form of small-sided games, or shuttle runs where players are reaching this cardio effect. I highly recommend purchasing a Polar Heart Rate Monitor HERE so you can see how hard you are pushing in the off-season.

During the season, players should be getting this type of conditioning, given the coach is smart with his tactical planning. Extra conditioning should not be needed during the season, so long as the coach is doing his/her job and implementing in practices.

If you are looking for an off-season soccer conditioning plan, check out my online workouts HERE. A heart rate monitor is strongly recommended to push yourself in this program.


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