Appearance on the Soccer Girl Problems Podcast

Appearance on the Soccer Girl Problems Podcast

“I can’t…I have soccer.”

I remember uttering these words to my friends over and over again back in high school.

Missed parties.

Missed movie outings.

Missed shopping sprees with the girls.

Missed football games.

Missed birthday celebrations.

Missed everything.

I always had soccer, and while I loved the game so much, I felt a bit funky always making this my reason not to have fun with my friends, until…

Soccer Girl Problems saved the day.

These girls are hilarious, and their videos on YouTube that poked fun of the life of a young lady baller, as well as brought us together through comedy and empowerment were exactly what I needed growing up.

And now?

I was on their podcast.

Not going to lie, I was giddy and a bit nervous, but I felt so incredibly welcomed and at ease with their humor and warmth, it was an amazing conversation on strength and conditioning for the female soccer player. I am thankful they invited me on to specifically talk about ACL injury for female soccer players and how to reduce chance, as well as navigate the recovery.

In this episode, I also discuss:

– The importance of resistance training for girls
– What to do when you have knee pain
– Why a physical therapist and strength coach can help you become stronger after injury
– Some of my favorite movements to do
– Why sleep, nutrition and recovery help female players to heal

You can listen to the full episode HERE.


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