Appearance on the Muscles and Management Podcast

Appearance on the Muscles and Management Podcast

It was a dark and isolated Friday night with my cat.

Honestly, this is the usual set-up at the end of the week: me, my cat, and take-out sushi. Such is the life of a business owner who is on 24/7, who works 365 days a year (even while traveling), and who sometimes, needs to enter full-on introvert mode.

But wait.

Last week I was feeling adventurous and decided to spring out of my recluse nature to hop on a podcast with strength coach Gerry DeFilippo. He is awesome, I love his work, his bitmoji, and the fact he enjoys a good steak, so I decided why not.

The funny this is, we didn’t just “hop” on the podcast. We dove in.

What I thought would be a half hour synopsis on all things youth training and business, turned into over an hour of explosion of insights and back and forth banter.

What is in the episode:

– Tips on youth training
– How youth athletes can master the basics
– Why simple training is the most effective
– How to add creativity and fun to youth training sessions
– Me saying “yeah” a lot
– How to grow a personal brand in private sector strength and conditioning
– How to be consistent with your content
– Why bitmojis matter

I hope you love the episode. Not to be biased, but it’s rad. Everyone – from youth coaches, to parents, to young strength coaches will be able to gain nuggets from this podcast.

So grab your kitties, sushi, or steaks, and enjoy.

You can listen HERE.

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