Appearance on the Espresso Soccer Show

Appearance on the Espresso Soccer Show

There are two things I love doing simultaneously: drinking espresso and talking soccer.

When my former college assistant soccer coach reached out to me to come on his show, I was pumped to hear it was called The Espresso Soccer Show.

I knew we’d get into an amped-up discussion on the state of youth soccer, so you all are in for a treat: the interview is 90 minutes and extremely in-depth.

You’ll see as the interview progresses, the conversation gets heated, but in the most passionate way.

I appreciated this show because it was a raw, authentic and honest discussion on soccer training and development. What I loved most, is Tim asks some challenging and layered questions, and pushes us to dive deeper in our answers, rather than shell out basic, mundane advice.

There’s nothing better than three coaches talking shop and caring for the future of youth soccer.

Here are several topics we discuss in the video interview:

– How youth athletes can find “balance”
– Early specialization vs. early sampling
– How overuse injury occurs
– What it takes to play at a high level
– The problems female coaches face
– How clubs can create culture
– What player development means

I hope you love it and enjoy your own caffeinated beverage as you listen to the full interview HERE



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