The Queen Speaks: Two Hour Podcast with Dr. Tommy John

The Queen Speaks: Two Hour Podcast with Dr. Tommy John

You know a conversation dives deep when you have a cacao reishi mushroom drink in-hand, and hop on a podcast with Dr. Tommy John as sage burns in the background.

Secret’s out, ya’ll.

I’m obsessed with elevating consciousness, encouraging humans to think critically, and urging everyone to question everything, including themselves.

This episode is a special one.

Not only is it a two hours long, it plunges into topics I’ve never discussed before publicly.

Philosophy. Psychology. Economics. Life vs. Death. Perspective. Immunity. Connection. Questioning the narrative.

It’s a tough conversation. It calls for people to take back their power. It inspires humans to nourish themselves. It urges people to have holy curiosity.

Dr. Tommy John is a good friend of mine, and someone I look up to in the holistic health world. He also makes the best homemade aioli sauce and meditates like a boss.

Enlightening, challenging, and bold, this episode pushes the envelope. I invite you to enter our abyss of insight with an open mind and heart.

Here is a run down of what the two hours covers:

– Coaching soccer in developing countries
– Inspiring a hard working and fun training culture
– Coaching female athletes and building strong women
– How to lead by example and walk the walk
– My blunt thoughts on lock down during COVID-19
– Why I’m disappointed in the human race
– Why humans need to tap into emotion and logic
– How to have open conversations without judgement
– My daily routine as an introverted woman
– Body image in young female athletes
– The secret job I held in high school
– My journey quitting alcohol

You can listen to the full episode HERE.

I would love to hear your thoughts and connect. Having in depth conversations with other humans is one of my favorite things.

Resources we mention in the show (required reading and listening):

The Coronation Essay by Charles Eisenstein

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Fear by Osho

Here’s Why You Should Think About Death Every Day by Ryan Holiday

Victoria’s Secret Model Rome Strijd Discusses Struggle to Get Pregnant

How The Current Narrative Is Attacking The 8 Essentials To Your Health

Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365 by me (we had to plug my work) ;-O

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