Technique Tuesday: Acceleration “First Step”

Technique Tuesday: Acceleration “First Step”

Full disclosure: I just finished a two hour podcast interview with my friend Dr. Tommy John.

And we didn’t talk about training.

Not youth strength and conditioning.

Not speed development.

Not conditioning.

Not motor skill learning.

Not a peep about youth training.

‘But what did you talk about for TWO HOURS?!’ you wonder.

We talked about psychology, human behavior, quantum physics, philosophy and economics. Yeah, you heard me: us strength and conditioning coaches and physical therapists have a lot to say about other topics, and Dr. Tommy John is vibrating on another level, one that I resonate with tremendously.

I couldn’t help but get lost in an abyss of life discussion on the human condition.

Of course, I will always have a passion for talking shop on training, biomechanics, human movement, and performance enhancement. But yo. If I’m not developing humans and expanding my mind, I’m doing my athletes a disservice.

Our two hour episode drops on Wednesday. To say the conversation left planet Earth, is an understatement. I’m pretty excited for you guys to see another dimension of my brain.

But before that happens, I’ll let you guys enjoy the technical Erica you know and love today. A lot of the acceleration cues I get from speed coach, Lee Taft. He does a great job of breaking down complex topics.

Here is this week’s Technique Tuesday Tutorial on helping young athletes with their acceleration and explosiveness:




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