Start from the Ground Up to Heal Yourself and the World

Start from the Ground Up to Heal Yourself and the World

I’ve been having a lot of deep thoughts about my values over the past several months, and wondering what truly matters amidst all of the craziness in the world.

What I’ve noticed is no matter what goes on, my life values stay the same – never overshadowed by political agendas or fear mongering.

I value movement.

I value connection.

I value nature.

I value seeing humans smile.

I value hugging people.

I value lifting weights.

I value expressing myself freely.

I value individuality and creativity.

I value traveling and adventure.

And it’s been this way for 30 years.

I have not once let politics make me forget who I am, tossing out the life principles that have served me so incredibly well my entire life.

How far are you willing to go to get clear on your values, and hold onto them no matter what others are saying to you?

How much are you willing to step into your power and go against the crowd?

How deep are you willing dig to define a quality life based on your own terms?

How much are you willing to heal YOU before canceling and dismissing others?

What I’ve been seeing a lot of are people’s chaotic internal states being taken out on others.

What I’ve been seeing is a lot of people handing over their power to others.

If we want to truly unite and be better as a collective, it starts from the ground up of you healing yourself first.

If we want to truly unite and be better as a collective, it starts from the ground up of you healing yourself first. Click To Tweet

Do the work.

It starts with the taking inventory and responsibility for your own personal traumas and past demons.

It starts with you being self aware, very aware of your daily thoughts, words and actions and if they’re in alignment with who you truly wish to be.

It starts with leaning into your innate values that you were born with.

It starts with acknowledging the gaslighting of mainstream news and then getting clear on what you stand for.

For me, body movement, connection, strength, meditation and being in nature, not living in fear of getting sick and hurt, or failing miserably.

I’ve found the more I relentlessly practice these daily and ignore the distractions in the world, the more I’m able to express the best version of myself, live an empowered life, and love others.

So now what does this mean for you, for us, for humanity?

It’s time to come together.

But this starts with you taking care of YOU first.

Are you nourishing your body? Are you moving? Are you adapting and becoming stronger? Are you cultivating meaningful relationships? Are you sleeping enough? Are you getting outside in the sun? Are you taking a deep breath every now and then?

The rest? It’s just noise.

I vote for you in 2020.

I vote for humans in 2020.

Erase everything outside of you for a second, and imagine if you had no clue what was going on in the world, no television in your house, no leaders pushing policy on you, would you still meander the streets with your mouth covered in fear?

Would you still point fingers at others for problems, or would you focus on your actions and stay in your own lane?

Would you still be outraged at the system and complain and blame, or would you look at your individual role first?

Would you shame people for living their truth, or would you be inspired by their conviction?

Deeply go within: what are your values?

Fight for them.

And don’t let up because the crowd manipulates you otherwise.

Stay woke, truly woke.

Start from the ground up.

Heal you.

Then heal the world.





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