So You Want To Get Better At What You Do? Do This.

So You Want To Get Better At What You Do? Do This.

I’m no superwoman.

Contrary to what social media believes, I’m successful not because of my ability to juggle one thousand things at a time.

Nor am I where I am today because I’m able to do everything myself.

Nor am I becoming a master of my craft because I got by with “quick tips.”

Nor am I good at what I do because I DM’ed professionals in the industry for advice I could google on my own.

Want to know why I’m successful?

I invested in myself for years. 

Years of spending thousands on certifications and workshops.

Years of investing in web development and systems.

Years of hiring graphic designers, photographers and website creatives.

Years of paying people smarter than myself to show me the way.

Of course, I cringed making so many payments to propel my career forward.

Of course, I had a mini heart attack every time I used my debit card, hoping there were enough funds.

Of course, I struggled to justify my spending when I wasn’t seeing immediate return on investment.

But yo.

Tons of money and years later, I don’t regret investing in myself. Ever.

As a result, I became a better coach, business owner, blogger, consultant and human.

Additionally, I was able to save myself time and stress by outsourcing to others so I could still look and feel sane.


Maybe know you’re feeling icky on the inside.

Maybe you’re grunting, ‘gee, Erica! I have to spend MORE money!’

Well, yes.

As much as it’s a punch to the stomach, for any professional to get better at what they do, they have to spend money – education, mentorship, training, or consulting.

So with that said, let’s return to the original question.

Yes, let’s.

So You Want To Be Better At Your Craft?

No, really, do you?

If you said ‘yes,’ yet you don’t invest in your continuing education, hire a coach or mentor, or take the messy, actionable steps to level up, or work long hours to train thousands of athletes in-person, HAHAHA.

You’re cute.

Not only does this scream stagnation in your career, but also, lack of self worth.

So I urge you: invest in yourself.

You’re worth it.

‘But, but, Erica, why can’t I just Google stuff? That’s free!’

By all means, go browse Google for off-season training tips and be bombarded with the nauseam and noise of information.

Yes, you can Google an off-season soccer strength and conditioning plan, but will it be customized to your team’s needs? Resources? Level of training?

Will you spend hours trying to put your own program together when you could be watching America’s Got Talent with your wife?

Moreover, will it be written by a human being that holds you accountable on a weekly basis?

Or shoot, will you just toss it in the trash because that Google program was free, so who cares if you don’t stick with it?

Moving on…

‘But, but, Erica, can’t I just slide into your DMs for tips and advice? That’s free!’

Yes, you can.

But here are several caveats:

1. Good luck if I reply within 48 hours, a month, two months.
2. Don’t be surprised if I give the most basic advice you’ll ever hear.
3. I’m not superwoman.
4. I’m only one woman.
4. I work full-time.
5. I need to spend time with my cat.
6. I have friends and family to see.
7. I need to take care of my health.
8. I need to work out.
9. I work full-time.
10. I work full-time.

Expounding further, don’t get me wrong: I’m forever grateful people see me as an expert and I find joy in helping others.

But with a full-time job training thousands athletes in Maryland and abroad, freelance writing for several publications, spitting out content on my own blog (600+ articles), and you know, doing my deadlifts and making sure I look like Princess Kate Middleton, it’s hard.

This is why I create so much content on my website, Twitter, and YouTube channel, so people can research on their own.

But when folks need more painstaking detail, this is why I create products like Total Youth Soccer Fitness.

Or better yet, offer Online Coaching Services for athletes and coaches.

Adding on, a quick tip in a DM is not detailed enough to truly answer a question, or help someone out, or solve a complex, case-by-case problem.

Rather, those products and services are. 

Too, I wonder if people even take action on my advice, or if they already googled it, and then messaged me to confirm what they already do.

I don’t know, man…

Maybe you think I’m being petty and sharp-tongued, but I’m not.

This is coming from a place of so much freaking care, and it’s coming from a woman who put skin in the game for years, and has seen tremendous results from the daily work.

It’s also coming from a passionate woman who wants to see others succeed, and who isn’t afraid to shell out tough love, so people push themselves to learn about something in-depth.

Getting better at what you do takes effort.


Hard freaking work.

Uncomfortable action.

More work.



I mean, the rest of us put years of grit in the game…why not you?

To that end, looking to my own career, any time I wanted to learn deeply about something new, like systems management, or tactical coaching, or sport psychology, you bet I hired someone to:

1. Teach me with a meticulous curriculum.
2. Hold me accountable and give me homework.
3. Video chat with me bi-weekly to discuss Game of Thrones plot twists and listen to my life problems.

The result?

Nothing short of amazing.

Taking the conversation back to my success, I’m successful because I’ve outsourced. I realized I couldn’t do all of this alone, and it’s all about the team.

To last in any profession, you have to swallow the bitter pill that you can’t do everything yourself.

It’s all about the squad, the mentors, the people who hold you accountable to level up.

So if you’re a coach, business owner, athlete, or someone who feels stuck, you have to start investing in yourself.

Yes, it’s scary.

Yes, it’s a risk.

But, it’s a necessary action step if you want to learn, be held accountable, and put in the daily work to hone your craft.

You’re worth it.

  • Shane MCLEAN
    Posted at 01:40h, 22 January Reply

    This is outstanding coach. I love how you tell it like it is and pull no punches. It’s refreshing.

    • erica
      Posted at 15:49h, 24 January Reply

      Woohoo!!!!!! Have to keep it real and be honest with folks…

  • Will Harris
    Posted at 14:55h, 24 January Reply

    LOVE IT! Keep doing what you doing!

    • erica
      Posted at 15:48h, 24 January Reply

      Thank you, coach!

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