Making An Impact Greater Than Sports On Youth Athletes

Making An Impact Greater Than Sports On Youth Athletes

I had no idea.

I mean, I had some idea.

But I didn’t know the extent of the impact I’ve had on these kids off the field and out of the gym.

When your message is, in fact, building resilient athletes for life, you still don’t take the time to think about it – to truly go within, and look at what you’ve done for these young humans.

I’ve been so caught up teaching, showing them how to lift weights, correcting change of direction, studying biomechanics, planning sessions, creating fun drills. I haven’t taken the time to reflect.

It wasn’t until I said my final goodbyes to my athletes, read their farewell letters, and processed their thoughtful words, when I realized the inspiration that they are taking with them for a lifetime.

And I cried. A lot.

The tears were bittersweet.

As Gandalf says, “not all tears are an evil.”

The tears were a flooding of years of working hard, coaching hard, cueing hard, caring for my players, and teaching them lessons on discipline, independence, adaption and survival, healthy friendships, mental health and so much more.

To listen to the details from my final, emotional and bittersweet sessions in Maryland, as well as understand the impact coaches can give to kids, listen to THE SOCCER QUEENS PODCAST NEWEST EPISODE HERE.

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