Join the Youth Female Athlete Fitness Coach Education Community

Join the Youth Female Athlete Fitness Coach Education Community

There are many things I am grateful for in my career:

– Seeing girls blossom from elementary school to college
– Being able to go to work in sweatpants
– Laughing in between max velocity runs with my players

– Helping female athletes stay healthy and resilient for the length of their careers
– Seeing them go on to follow their college dreams

– Learning from other amazing coaches on how they serve their female athletes
– Teaching youth coaches how to execute ACL injury prevention, speed, strength and conditioning in a practice setting to save time and mental stress.

The last thing coaches want to do is look all frazzled trying to piece together a speed and strength session within their practice, as well as not look totally clueless to what is going on. Coaches, rather, want to look organized, prepared, as well as be confident in their delivery of why girls need to be doing injury prevention training.

With that said, I want to help coaches look good.

Never would I have thought that I would go from training athletes to also mentoring coaches. It has been an organic progression, I suppose, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the magic of speed and strength training with others, as well as how to teach it to athletes in a simple way.

This is why I created the video course Total Youth Female Athlete Fitness: to give coaches a resource that teaches injury prevention technique, change of direction biomechanics, plyometrics, speed, growth and maturation consideration for the growing female athlete, as well as nutrition and recovery techniques.

The course encompasses recorded training sessions, with sample workouts, as well as freeze moments to break down exercise technique, and provide cues coaches can use to help their athletes nail down form (as well as look smart) ;-O

The 15 video modules include:

Warm Up
Introduction to Growth and Maturation featuring Ivi Casagrande (former Orlando Pride performance coach)
Daily Strength Movements
Training the Hips
Training the Core
Total Body Strength Coaching and Cues
Beginner Plyometrics Coaching and Cues
Advanced Plyometrics Coaching and Cues
Acceleration and Speed for the Middle School Girl (with Sample Training Session)
Acceleration and Speed for the High School Girl (with Sample Training Session)
Recovery Techniques
Change of Direction and Agility + Injury Prevention (with Sample Training Session)
Feet, Ankles and Calves for Injury Prevention
Nutrition and the Menstrual Cycle featuring UCLA Women’s Soccer Dietician, Reilly Beatty
Sample Programming for In-Season and Off-Season Walk Through

I truly believe the best way to serve young female athletes is to continue to hone our crafts and learn in great detail. Too, it is important to have a community of coaches who are on the same mission to train their girls to be their strongest, fastest, most resilient selves.

This is why I created a private Facebook community of coaches who are working through the Total Youth Female Athlete Fitness course – to connect, ask questions, discuss and learn from one another. Too, I want to be in there to follow up with everyone once they complete the course and see how they are executing in a practice setting.

I provide the latest research in female athlete training, as well as give everyone more access to me to ask follow-up questions. This is a high level community with coaches who have the time to truly sharpen the axe of training girls in injury prevention and performance, as well as who are ready to invest in their continuing education.

For anyone who gets the course, I will also email you the private link to our Facebook community of awesome coaches who are here to level up to serve their young girls.



Take a peek at course reviews as well as discussion from the private community:


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