Helping Youth Female Athletes with Strength Movements

Helping Youth Female Athletes with Strength Movements

Some of the best things when it comes to coaching kids include:

– I don’t have to talk about adult topics like stocks and real estate.
– I can be goofy.
– I can take a beginner from scratch and watch them blossom.

Coaching kids is awesome to say the least.

The main reason I chose kids over the pros was to help them get into good habits early – from proper motor skill learning, to discipline with a performance plan, to learning holistic health and taking care of their bodies.

When teaching a kid a strength movement for the first time, it can look whacky due to lack in coordination and stability. Keeping this in mind, it is important to give them the “SLOW DOWN” cue so they can feel the movement, maintain control, as well as understand the muscles that should be working.

Too, it bodes well to cue them to give “TWO THUMBS UP” with the arms straight out so they can better lever themselves and hold good posture without collapsing the torso. This is excellent for quad dominant movements like Squats, Pistol Squats, and Lunges:

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