Helping Young Female Athletes Through Knee Pain: The Do’s And Don’ts

Helping Young Female Athletes Through Knee Pain: The Do’s And Don’ts

Knee pain can feel as stabbing as a Dragonglass blade.

Excuse the nerdy Game of Thrones reference, but this common nag in female athletes is one that can prove to be excruciating over time, especially if not taken care of immediately.

Too often I hear this, “my knee hurts so bad and it doesn’t go away” from middle to high school aged girls.

My response always is this, “what are you currently doing to solve the problem?”

I get silence back.

Crickets chirping, if I’m lucky.

And this is the problem with growing pains in young female athletes: they continue to let it amount into something worse and worse, without taking actionable steps to not only become pain free, but also to return to the pitch stronger and better than they were before.

Working with female soccer players on speed, strength and conditioning in Baltimore, MD, as well as remotely, is my passion. I love helping this population navigate the setbacks from growth and maturation, but moreover, thrive and not fall victim to these common pains.

As a nice byproduct to a comprehensive injury reduction program, I love seeing them blossom into fast gazelles on the pitch.

Too, I am grateful to write for young girls and other female athlete publications to spread practical tips that can be incorporated in the gym or on the field.

I was ecstatic to write this guest blog for my favorite lady ballers at Soccer Girl Problems Helping Young Female Athletes Through Growing Pains.

You can read the full article HERE.




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