Female Athletes Being Beautiful from the Inside Out

Female Athletes Being Beautiful from the Inside Out

We all know the girl who grinds the hardest, yet has endless anxiety.

We all know the girl who is fastest in practice, yet chokes come game time.

We all know the girl who is strongest in the gym, yet still suffers injuries.

We all know the girl who runs conditioning on her own, yet still is fatigued during competition.

Maybe you know several of these girls.

While I love training hard and preach to my female athletes the importance of putting in the work in the gym and on the pitch, they need to still be dialed in with their nutrition, recovery and sleep. Otherwise, there’s nothing for the engine to run on and a girl can suffer burnout, injury and sickness.

Training without taking inventory of other factors in performance is similar to owning the most expensive, picturesque car, but refusing to get the oil changed, the tires maintained, the engine fixed and the braking system updated. The exterior, to that end, proves useless.

Same with a young female athlete who boasts a strong, athletic build on the outside, yet is weak on the inside and in the mind.

A young female athlete will wither away if she’s under-nourished. She will get demotivated if she’s sleep deprived. She will react slowly and feel foggy if her nervous system is constantly sympathetic. She will feel defeated if she’s consuming toxic food. She will feel overwhelmed if she’s distracted by negative social media.

Here is my first YouTube LIVE stream shelling out tough love to female athletes on how to be beautiful on the inside to perform at their best:

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