Exercises Female Athletes Should Be Doing For ACL Prevention: Athletic Stance Grooving

Exercises Female Athletes Should Be Doing For ACL Prevention: Athletic Stance Grooving

There are several things we all need to do every day for optimal health (and hygiene):

– Brush teeth
– Shower
– Exercise
– Go to bed
– Nourish our bodies
– Cuddle with kittens

Nail down these, and you’re on your way to living a healthy life. Of course, I could add to this list because I’m obsessed with taking inventory and analyzing all facets of my life, but I’ll save this for you to listen to HERE on the Soccer Queens Podcast.

When it comes to training youth female athletes, the basics also apply. My favorite movement that all girls can “groove” every day is the Athletic Stance. Check it out:

Okay, okay. I get it doesn’t look revolutionary or like it will win a Nobel Prize, but this is one of the most paramount movements for athletes. It serves as the foundation for the dynamic actions, such as shuffling, back pedaling, changing direction and cutting.

What you should focus on here is maintaining a posture and shoulder position that is more neutral, and have minimal upper body sway. This way, if someone were to all of the sudden point for me to run to the right, I would be in a better place to reposition my shoulders and accelerate right.

Practice this daily, and be mindful of being in this position during change of direction drills.

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