Book on Female Athlete Injury Reduction, Performance and Confidence

Book on Female Athlete Injury Reduction, Performance and Confidence

Secret’s out: I’m writing a print book.

After several years of blogging, freelance writing, and creating eBooks, I am due for a physical book.

Yes, a book you can keep in your bag.

Yes, a book you can write in and take notes.

Yes, a book you can bring to your beach vacation.

Yes, a book on everything training and building the young female athlete, from both experience and evidence-based research.

I can’t wait to birth new stories you’ve never heard in my blogs, make you belly laugh as you read, all while presenting science and practical training methods, as well as other chapters on:

Exercise and Brain Development
Helping Young Girls Love the Gym
Growth Spurts
Early vs. Late Bloomers
The Menstrual Cycle
Bare Minimum Performance Requirements
Non-Negotiable ACL Programs for Girls
Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
Building the Confidence Muscle
How To Handle Failure
Escaping Perfectionism
Navigating Comparison Against Other Girls
Recovery (psst…it’s not ice!)
Sleep Hacks
Solving the ACL Epidemic
The Devolving Species of Humanity
Tech Use and Social Media Impact on Performance
Training for Life
Taking Radical Action to Live with Purpose and Health After Sport

I’ve already written 5,000 words of this beast and looking to release it in 2022.

To get my first eBook Total Youth Soccer Fitness as a warm up GO HERE.

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