Articles and Videos for Youth Female Athletes to Get Stronger, Faster and More Confident

Articles and Videos for Youth Female Athletes to Get Stronger, Faster and More Confident

I have been getting a lot of questions on training the female athlete lately. From a physical standpoint, I get a lot of ACL inquiries, how to develop speed, and how to build confidence.

I wanted to put all of my answers in one place and share my favorite articles, videos, books and podcasts on everything the young female athlete.





Girlz, Growth and GAINZ: Training the Young Female Athlete

Coaching Female Athletes Plyometrics: Stop Making Them Sore

Training the Female Athlete: When Will ACL Injury Prevention Be A Priority?

What Coaches and Parents Need to Know About Training the Pre-Adolescent Female Athlete




Lunge ISO-Hold – building quadricep strength as well as pelvic stability.

Bear Crawl (Tutorial) – building total body strength, as well as core stability and coordination.

Band-Assisted Pull-Up (Tutorial) – building upper body and core strength.


Fist Push-Up Hold – building upper body and core strength.

Cross-Crawl Superman – building hip and back strength and coordination.

Athletic Stance Grooving – improving hip mobility and core stability for better agility and change of direction stance.

Single-leg Deadlift Hold – building hamstring strength and pelvic stability.





ACL Injuries in Female Athletes


Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365 – a year round speed, conditioning, and strength workbook



The Young Female Athlete


She the Confident





On The Touchline Podcast Interview with Orlando Pride Strength Coach Ivi Casagrande



Alpha Girl Soccer Academy Podcast: Strength Training for Female Soccer Players



The Soccer Queens Podcast Episode 1: You Better Work, Queen

A lot of people think I have some big secret on my athletic and professional success. Whether you’re an athlete who wants to play Division 1 or professionally, or become the best version of yourself on the pitch and off, you have to put in the good old-fashioned hard work. To become a high performer, you have to put in the reps day in and day out, lean into discomfort, tackle failure with tenacity, and continue the lifelong pursuit of leveling up, as an athlete and human. You better work, Queen.



The Soccer Queens Podcast Episode 7: Overcoming an Eating Disorder and Finding Your Strength



If you are a female athlete and want to work with me online, and go through a physical development (speed, strength and agility) as well as mental training curriculum, BOOK A CALL HERE TO APPLY.



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