Appearance on the SheWolfe Den Podcast: Youth Training During Times of COVID-19

Appearance on the SheWolfe Den Podcast: Youth Training During Times of COVID-19

One thing I love the most about being in a male dominated industry is coming across other female coaches who are on the same mission: to build humans into the strongest versions of themselves mentally and physically.

Of course, they’re tough to find, but when you do, it’s as magical as fireworks going off over Cinderella’s Castle.

I was so grateful Ally DeWolfe reached out to me to be on her awesome podcast The SheWolfe Den to discuss everything youth training during times of COVID-19.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been tremendously outspoken and hard on my audience in terms of how I feel about this time, and what actionable steps people need to take to be resilient and robust.

This isn’t a time to wave the surrender flag, plop on the sofa, and accept this as “the new normal.”


This is a time to adapt, become better than you were yesterday, and over prepare for the other blows that are on the horizon.

Whether this is in sports or life, everyone can always prepare to be the strongest, fullest expressions of themselves to handle any virus, any tough match, any championship game, any loss, any tragedy, any battle.

Focus on your strength.
Boost your immunity.
Nourish your body.
Recover hard.
Dial in and take inventory with all the pieces of performance – sleep, nutrition, stress, friendships, purpose, community, and training.


You’re better off preparing on the back end, rather than using a band-aid, or waiting for someone to save you.

You know this episode is going to be a deep and insightful one when my salt lamps are fired up and my Bohemian tapestry is the back drop.


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