Appearance on the Ruthless Performance Podcast

Appearance on the Ruthless Performance Podcast

What. A. Weekend.

I’ve been nursing some serious seasonal allergies, feeling foggy, and not acting like my motivated self. I just feel blah.

The pollen count in Maryland is unreal right now, but being in quarantine has boded well against the nasty things floating around.

Also, buying a humidifier, steaming up the bathroom, cleaning my clothes and sheets every ten minutes, and crushing beets, berries, and turmeric-seasoned foods has helped immensely.

So I’m almost back at 100%. Any time I feel off from allergies, I dial in as much as possible to get back to normal – nutrition, environment, supplements and quality sleep. I’m getting there. And my cat is helping me with his cuddles.

Now that my brain and focus are close to being back and at their sharpest, I’ll be pumping out content soon – extensive academic blogs, video compilations, tutorial videos, and so much more.

Just when you thought I already created enough, just wait, I’m turning it up a notch.

So as you wait patiently to receive a content storm sponsored by my dynamic brain, I’ll give you an hour podcast I did with Ruthless Performance last week. Full disclosure: allergies and fatigue were at their worst during this episode. I don’t think John, the host, noticed. Wow, I’m good. ;-O

In this episode we discuss long-term physical development for youth athletes, how I program ACL injury reduction for female athletes, and best ways to train speed, coordination and balance.

Going beyond physical training and program design, I was excited to be asked what I do for continuing education for my career. Spoiler: not as much strength and conditioning as you think.

You see, I’m at a point where the science and technical jazz must be a requirement. Of course, I’m always sharpening the axe in terms of research and practice, but I also enjoy venturing into unknown territory – from culture building, to leading, to communicating, to finding purpose, to embodying what I preach.

These are all soft skills I feel are needed to inspire the next generation of women.

With that said, we also discuss why I’m obsessed with Eastern philosophy, why I don’t fear anything, why I don’t follow the crowd, why living my values is critical, how I teach my athletes to handle worst case scenario, and why Stoicism has guided my coaching and life philosophy.

To say this podcast dives deep is an understatement.

You can listen to the full episode HERE.

Enjoy. ;-O





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