Appearance On The Fitness Devil Podcast

Appearance On The Fitness Devil Podcast

It’s been a crazy week.

For one, I have not written an article in over 7 days.

Two, I’ve upped my meditation game and have decided to go hard on the self care.

And three, I spoke in Kentucky this past weekend to an amazing group of coaches and players, and dropped plenty of Game of Thrones references.

I’ve taken an itty bitty hiatus from blogging, but will be back soon. Plenty of controversial ideas have been swirling in my mind, and I’m excited to write on polarizing topics in the youth soccer and training world. Admittedly, I want to take my time on publishing these so I can be thorough with my words, and comical with my metaphors.

To keep you updated on my thoughts on youth fitness, you can listen to my most recent podcast with the guys at The Fitness Devil Podcast.

We discuss:

– Youth physical training
– Youth social and mental development
– Motor skill learning, coordination and balance for kids
– Why youth athletes shouldn’t have the same foods in their pantries as Dean ;-O

Thank you to Andrew and Dean for having me. I truly enjoyed the conversation.

You can listen to the full episode HERE. 

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