30 Days of Training Female Athletes, Day 29: Building Strong Women Starts with You, Coach

30 Days of Training Female Athletes, Day 29: Building Strong Women Starts with You, Coach

First off, I want to kick today’s post off with a big THANK YOU.

I have appreciated all of the love and feedback regarding my most recent video course Total Youth Female Athlete Fitness.

Truthfully, it’s been my favorite body of work to birth into the world. One day, I woke up and said to myself, ‘I want to create something simple, accessible and easy to execute for youth female athlete coaches.’

I was seeing injury problems. I was seeing lack of speed problems. I was seeing the ACL epidemic on the rise. I was seeing girls under-fueling and not nourishing their bodies. I was seeing an emotional disconnect between coaches and their young girls. I was seeing lack of sleep and proper recovery. I was seeing lack of confidence.

With Total Youth Female Athlete Fitness, I wanted to provide a solution to all of these problems.

And full disclosure: I wanted to make it more affordable than attending a conference across the world, paying for hotels, and meals and drinks.

To get the course for $279, while being in the comfort of your own home in your pajamas, you can learn all about training female athletes HERE.

The 15 video modules include:

1. Warm Up
2. Introduction to Growth and Maturation featuring Ivi Casagrande (former Orlando Pride performance coach)
3. Daily Strength Movements
4. Training the Hips
5. Training the Core
6. Total Body Strength Coaching and Cues
7. Beginner Plyometrics Coaching and Cues
8. Advanced Plyometrics Coaching and Cues
9. Acceleration and Speed for the Middle School Girl (with Sample Training Session)
10. Acceleration and Speed for the High School Girl (with Sample Training Session)
11. Recovery Techniques
12. Change of Direction and Agility + Injury Prevention (with Sample Training Session)
13. Feet, Ankles and Calves for Injury Prevention
14. Nutrition and the Menstrual Cycle featuring UCLA Women’s Soccer Dietician, Reilly Beatty
15. Sample Programming for In-Season and Off-Season Walk Through

Here is what people are saying about the course:

Again, I appreciate you for following along and wanting to learn more about building your female athletes up. This product pumps me up so incredibly much and I am excited for you to dive in and bolster your skill set for female athlete physical development and injury prevention.

Speaking of building strong girls, you can check out my guest blog for my favorite strength coach, Tony Gentilcore Building Strong Women Starts With You, Coach HERE.


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