30 Days of Training Female Athletes, Day 15: Sample Acceleration and Speed Workout

30 Days of Training Female Athletes, Day 15: Sample Acceleration and Speed Workout

Everyone wants to be fast.

While sports are enriched with dazzling skills, powerful shots, and sharp passes, they’re also filled with dynamic movements off the ball.

And speed is one of them.  Just as much as sport specific skills, there needs plenty of repetitions in order to improve running at maximal velocity.

I’m excited to bring you a sample speed workout for female athletes. Starting with the dynamic warm-up, then moving into mechanics, then capping the workout off with timed runs, I hope you enjoy this and give it a whirl.

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Following the warm-up, here is the speed workout exercise order:

Forward Crawl 2×10 yard
Backward Crawl 2×10 yard
Bunny Hops 3×15 reps (as fast as you can, 15 ground contacts in less than 5 seconds)
Dynamic Front Side Mechanics 2×10 each
Dynamic Marching Sprint Prep 2×30 seconds each
Hill Sprints (10 yard distance, 5 reps), 90 seconds rest between reps
Timed 30 Yard (3-5 reps), 5 minute rest between reps
8 minute rest between sets
Timed 40 Yard (2), 6 minute rest between reps

So there it is.

It’s nothing revolutionary. Nor will it win a Nobel Prize.

Just good old-fashioned mastering the basics of sprinting mechanics, and then well, sprinting. ;-O

Speed is simple, and it should be trained with quality repetitions and maximal effort. The magic isn’t in the gimmicks and gadgets, but rather, properly prescribed motor learning and then work-to-rest times.

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