Youth Soccer Speed, Strength and Conditioning Program: Done-For-You Work Books

Youth Soccer Speed, Strength and Conditioning Program: Done-For-You Work Books

You guys, I’m giddy.

No, not because I hugged a baby panda bear.

No, not because I discovered a great tasting vegan protein powder.

No, not because Gareth Bale finally returned my phone call.

Rather, I’m smiling and joyful because Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365 releases this Friday April 24th.

I created this with so much passion.

Not only do I love biomechanics, youth athletic development and physical training, but also, because I saw several problems over and over again:

1. Kids not making time for sound strength and conditioning training.
2. Kids overwhelmed with game schedules.
3. Kids suffering injuries.
4. Coaches confused on how to program around practices and games.
5. Coaches confused on how to incorporate a year-round soccer speed, strength and conditioning program into their hectic schedules.
6. Coaches confused on how to order exercises, select sets and reps, and progress movements.

Despite all of these problems, it has been great to see a rising interest from everyone to add in strength and conditioning.

You see the research behind it, from both an injury reduction and performance standpoint. 

And you want to train.

You want to stay healthy.

You want to get fast.

You want to become strong.

But you don’t know the “how.”

You need the guidance, the done-for-you work, the sets, the reps, the work times, the rest times, the order of exercises, the frequency.

You want it to be easy, with not a lot of thinking.

This is why I’m so ecstatic about this body of work: it’s easy to follow, and it’s the youth speed, strength and conditioning programming I have compiled for eight years of training thousands of youth athletes in ECNL, academies, and D1 and D3 college programs.

So you want a solution to the confusion and all of the information out there?

All you have to do is watch the video modules, print out the workbooks, follow them religiously, and track progress.

That’s it.

For a visual on what is inside Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365, HERE is a screen share video I did to showcase the layout of the chapters and workbooks.

I’m beyond excited.

Go to the Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365 page to be ready for the release Friday April 24th.

One more thing: the first 100 buyers get a 90-minute intensive Zoom video call with me to go over the workbooks, proper technique, and differences between the middle and high school age exercises in the program.

I love mentoring on all things speed, strength and change of direction form. Truly, it lights me up.

Cannot wait to meet everyone. See you Friday! 

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