What People Need In A Time Of Crisis: Leadership

What People Need In A Time Of Crisis: Leadership

This is not a political post.

While I could dive in on U.S. leadership and facilitate a debate on crisis management and healthcare systems, I prefer not to go down that rabbit hole.

Rather, this is an article on coaching leadership.

No, I’m not talking sending your athletes a Word Document of bodyweight circuits that no one is going to do.

No, I’m not talking posting Instagram workout videos that shout, “look at me! Look at me!”

No, I’m not talking seeing your team on Zoom once a week.

No, I’m not talking giving away a free fitness eBook that just sits on the desktop unopened.

Now’s not the time for any of that noise.

Now’s the time for good old-fashioned leadership.

You need to listen to your players. Your clients. Your community.

What do they need now? What motivates them? What holds them accountable? What gives them purpose and direction?

They need far more than a cluster of workouts and tactical assignments from you.

They need you for coaching, coach.

They need you for support, coach.

They need you for safety, coach.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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