Technique Tuesday: Pull-Up Tutorial for Youth Athletes

Technique Tuesday: Pull-Up Tutorial for Youth Athletes

If you have followed me for a length of time, you know I have an affinity for the Pull-Up.

Since I hung up my cleats back in 2012, I decided to work hard to improve this movement to see what my body was capable of as an athlete in the professional, working world.

Truthfully, the grind never stops. I believe all humans are athletes, no matter what your career is and no matter what age you are.

The first time I attacked the bar was in 2012 with my strength coach, Mark Shropshire. When he told me to do a Pull-Up for my evaluation day, I said, “I have no upper body strength.”

And it’s a classic answer I get from young girls who come into my gym for the first time.

I’ve been there.

However, I look back on all of the years of training to play at a high level and mastering my craft, I acknowledge that learning how to do a Pull-Up is also going to take time.

Now here I am, eight years later, and I’ve worked up to amazing heights.

From Switch Grip Pull-Ups:

To Chaos Pull-Ups:

To Monkey Bar Pull-Ups:

To Weighted Pull-Ups:

It’s been a long journey of adding new stimulus to my body, adapting, and overcoming new feats of strength. And to this day, I continue to improve.

Now how do you get to beast mode Pull-Up level? Where do you start?

Today’s tutorial touches on the beginner version that uses the assistance band, and it also demonstrates proper form so young athletes engage all muscles, posterior and anterior, to get the most out of the movement.


If you want to continue to progress this movement, you need to commit to it year-round.

That is why I created TOTAL YOUTH SOCCER FITNESS 365, so young soccer players can track their load, add new stimulus and new challenges, and be able to gain newfound strength over time.

You can get the full workbook HERE.

Always remember, everyone starts somewhere. The process is the pleasure, and it wouldn’t be fulfilling if we got results overnight.

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