Technique Tuesday: Linear Change Of Direction

Technique Tuesday: Linear Change Of Direction

I’m SO excited.

Yes, English Premier League is returning this month.

Yes, my favorite soccer pub down the street is open for outdoor seating.

Yes, I can leave my house.

But also, I get to see my athletes in person for the first time in THREE MONTHS.

To say we’ve had the craziest, funniest, best memories like doing boxing class together and punching bags while supersetting with sprints, is an understatement.

We have an absolute blast.

Summer off-season training is my favorite time of year, and I’m so incredibly grateful I get to do it out on the pitch.

As I wrap up writing the running days, I’m noticing the evolution of my Change of Direction teaching: it’s far more detailed, far more skill oriented, and far more meticulous. Early in my career, I used to toss out cones and just run athletes through “agility” drills. No teaching. No detail with technique. Not a peep on how to truly reduce injury when cutting and turning.

Now after years of investing in continuing education and re-taking speed and agility certifications at 6:00AM before I start my day, it’s worlds different.

You see, Change of Direction is a skill. Young athletes need to be taught how to get in the proper position and hone the correct movement patterns for a safer and faster change of direction. They need to recruit the primary muscles, maintain posture, and be able to re-position themselves in space.

How does this work and what does it look like?

Here is this week’s Technique Tuesday tutorial on Linear Change of Direction:

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