Technique Tuesday: Bird Dog Movement

Technique Tuesday: Bird Dog Movement

This much I know: doing simple things is hard.

And more often than not, the movements I am doing with my young athletes are simple.

However, if they are consistent with these basic exercises for a long period of time, they are able to strengthen the total body, improve on stability, and move with better coordination of their limbs.

Simple always wins.

This week’s video tutorial is one of my favorite hip and core exercises, the Bird Dog.

What it does:

– Works on core stability and control of the pelvis
– Activates the gluteus maximus for stronger hips
– Improves opposite arm, opposite leg coordination

I urge young athletes to slow down when performing this exercise, so they can ensure they are optimizing these amazing benefits for performance and injury reduction.


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Hint: the program is simple, but hard.

Do the work.

Get the results. 🙂 

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