Should You Start Writing Content In 2019?

Should You Start Writing Content In 2019?

It’s 2019.

A couple things have happened:

1. Hailey and Justin Bieber had a beautiful wedding.
2. I turned 30.
3. Game of Thrones disappointed all of us.

Oh! And video content took over.

Nowadays, it couldn’t be easier to be the next video star with the access to reaching millions through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Anyone can be a guest on the Ellen Show.

Someone’s next door neighbor can be the next YouTube celebrity.

Someone’s best girlfriend could be a full-time Instagram influencer with her detox tea recipes.

Someone’s dad could go viral for posting a video of his kid juggling the soccer ball 5,000 times.

Someone’s mom could start a podcast on how many miles she drives to youth sports games.

Put simply, it couldn’t be a more exuberant and exciting time to be a video content creator – to be seen, to share your message, and to impact the world.

While the video aficionados are sipping their lattes as they see the Likes, Shares, and Retweets roll in, they are also laughing at the bloggers, and claiming that written content is dead.

With that said, should bloggers close their laptops, put their heads down, and give up their passion altogether?

Should they repress their stories, their words, their message and stop writing in the corner of their local Starbucks?

I mean…I’ve thought about it. With the saturation of video content, the shortage in attention spans, and the growth of other forms of media, I’ve thought about writing that last blog.


Calling it quits.

Retiring for good.

But just like Jay-Z, I’ll announce my retirement a thousand times, yet still spit fire with my words.

Sure, there will be that dark, lonely day when I publish that last blog in a dimly lit hipster cafe in Oregon with my ear buds in and black hoodie on.

But you know what? I’m here to stay and my retirement from prose is not happening any time soon.

Before I exit Earth stage right, I’m here to do a several things with my writing:

1. Prove to the video content celebrities that writing is still king.
2. Impact millions of coaches, parents and kids worldwide.
3. Make people belly laugh and smile with joy.
4. Change the way people think about youth sports.

That’s about it. It’s nothing as sexy or as dramatic as a Lifetime movie, but it’s what I’m here to do while I walk this planet wearing a Logic hoodie and Adidas joggers.


This bears repeating: blogging is still king. And I couldn’t be more pumped.

While video content is at its peak, so is written content. Actually, it couldn’t be a better time be a prolific writer.

So if you’re a strength coach or fitness professional or business owner who has a passion for diction, metaphors, alliteration, stories, and words, I urge you to start writing. Don’t ever get discouraged from the noise of video and perfectly staged Instagram photos.

I find joy in showing people my mind, instead of my booty.

In fact, the best compliments I’ve gotten have not been superficial. They’ve been deep, insightful and intellectual.

Swirling with the written word has immense power, and has the ability to birth dynamic and appreciative emotions out of readers.

But what kills me the most is when new bloggers reach out to me, complain that blogging is dead, ask me how to get seen, and ask me how to not get discouraged whether or not they will impact humanity.

They don’t know where to start. They don’t know if it will last. They don’t know if people will read their crap.

I get it.

But again, we live in a time where Google rewards quality written content.

I mean, think about it: people type in “How to kill White Walkers” into Google, and boom! Your niche blog with meticulous tips on how to kill white walkers pops up.

Or a desperate soccer mom types in “How to Prevent ACL Injury for Female Athletes” and boom! Your detailed 3,000 word piece pops up.

Even if it was a blog that was written 10 years ago, people are still able to search it on the web and find it with ease.

And all of this happens while the Youtubers and Instagramers get pushed down to the bottom, and become less and less searchable.

Don’t believe me? Here is an awesome podcast discussing how this works.

To give a personal example, I still receive comments on blogs I wrote 3-5 years ago when I started out. In fact, I just got a comment on a piece I wrote back in 2015 on empowerment for women through strength training. And it changed a reader’s life.

That’s the power of storytelling, folks.

For all of human existence, we’ve grown through the sharing of stories. The Phoenicians. Greek mythology. Tolkien. Shakespeare.

We still read all of this today. We still thrive off of the valuable life lessons from our history, literature, and extensive bookshelves of classics.

Without stories and the written word, we are nothing.

So keep writing, keep sharing, keep storytelling, but most importantly, keep inspiring.

Yes, start writing content in 2019. And do so relentlessly.

  • Shane MCLEAN
    Posted at 01:22h, 06 November Reply

    You could do both? Great post coach. I agree with you.

    • erica
      Posted at 12:13h, 07 November Reply

      YES! Both are great. Always diversify in today’s day and age! Good point.

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