Sample At-Home Workout To Do Right Now

Sample At-Home Workout To Do Right Now

It’s a weird time.

The uncertainty is unsettling.

The lack of toilet paper is frustrating.

The cancellation of sports is disorienting.

And the thought of ‘what-the-heck-do-I-do-with-all-this-free-time’ is confusing.

Well, I got a solution: start moving in your living room, in the comfort of your pajamas, next to your dog, while you watch the only sport being aired now, curling.

All jokes aside, it is apocalyptic to see just a few sporting events on television, just one person in Starbucks, and just one tomato left on the shelf.

To infuse solace into your life, I want to provide a sample workout to do at home to throw yourself into some productivity that is good for you body.

Without further ado, let’s do this.

A1) Single Leg Bridge March

2 sets, 8-10 reps each side

A2) Band Crawl Hold

3 sets, 30 seconds

A3) Slow Bird Dog

2 sets, 10 each side

A4) Resisted Lateral Crawl

2 sets, 20-30 steps each side

B1) Split Squat

3 sets, 8-10 each side

B2) Perfect Pull-Up

3 sets, as many as possible (use band or assistance)

B3) Pallof Press

2 sets, 10 reps each


3 sets, 8-10 each side

C2) 5-Second Push-Up

2 sets, 5-8 (elevate hands for assistance)

C3) Cross Crawl Hollow Hold

3 sets, 30-60 seconds

D1) Finisher: Break Dancing

3×30 seconds

Finisher: Monkey Bars

3×30 seconds

Enjoy and tag me in any videos of you doing the workout. Would love to see everyone working on their strength!


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