Sample At-Home Workout To Do Right Now: Part 2

Sample At-Home Workout To Do Right Now: Part 2


If you’ve followed me for a bit, you’ve been blasted with hundreds of workout videos for youth athletes.

Whether you received them from my email list, or sifted my YouTube, or perused my Instagram, you know there’s an overwhelming amount of strength, speed and conditioning drills.

Let’s put them together again.

Here’s one more sample at-home workout with exercise order, sets, reps, and supersets. This one is for kids with a high training age (1-2+ years of consistent strength and conditioning of nailing down movement patterns). <– typically, 8th grade and up, but this also is a case-by-case basis.


A1) Crawling Coupling 2×30-45 seconds
A2) Dead Bug 2×6-8

B1) Bulgarian Split Squat 3×6
B2) Fast Contact Broad Jump 2×3

C3) Banded Good Morning 3×6
C4) Band Assisted Pull-Up 3×8-10
C5) Single Leg Bridge March 2×8-10 each

D1) Pallof Press 2×8-10 each
D2) Soccer Ball Dead Bug Hold 2-3×6-8 each
D3) Hollow Hold Pullover 2-3×30 seconds

Things to keep in mind:

– This is a strength day. The speed and conditioning days are done on a separate day.

– Take your time (60 sec rest between movements) and be sure to pair all “A” exercises, “B” exercises and so on…

– This workout eventually needs to be progressed so athletes get a new stimulus.

– Strength adaptations occur when progressions are sprinkled in every few weeks. Do not do the same workout every week with the same sets and reps.

– This workout is progressed by tweaking sets and reps, work-to-rest time, as well as exercise challenges (unilateral, isometrics, eccentrics, etc).

– Younger ages (late elementary and early middle school) will require a variety of movement skills and then mastery of movement patters, so reach out to me if you need help with this.

– Again, this workout is prescribed on a case-by-case basis, so extra instruction may be needed.

– P90x  won’t help a young, maturing athlete for team sports.

– Nor will HIIT workouts or 4-mile runs.

– Enjoy and let me know how you do!

For more customized programming based age group and training age, as well mentorship and accountability, book a call HERE to work with me online. Serious inquiries only.

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