Routine for Youth Soccer Players to Build Fitness During Quarantine

Routine for Youth Soccer Players to Build Fitness During Quarantine

Young athletes thrive on routine.

They want to know exactly what they’re doing, what they’re working toward, how they’re going to achieve their goals, and if they’re progressing and getting results.

Quarantine has been a challenging time for young athletes who have been bombarded with circuits, workouts and bodyweight programs.

But what kids need now is routine. 

For one, it allows them to feel safe.

It blocks out distractions that aren’t serving them.

And it puts them back in their power, and helps them focus on the empowering activities they can control.

Always have a plan amidst the chaos.

Write it out.

Or, have someone else write it out for you…

This is why I’m so pumped about the Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365 program, a year-round work book for youth soccer players to improve speed, strength, power and conditioning.

Quarantine or not, it gives young athletes a structured plan that they can execute at home and on a field, at their convenience.

No stress.

No putting together the workout puzzle.

No Googling a thousand different websites on how to fitness train young soccer players.

Just good old-fashioned routine, progress tracking, and becoming a better athlete.

And good news: it is still on sale for 50% off until May 1st. $99 is the sale price, then it goes up to $199. 

Take advantage of this amazing time to become a better, more robust and resilient athlete

You can get Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365 HERE

Also check out this video discussing other resources and content that will help you achieve your athletic performance goals:


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