How Female Athletes Can Improve Their Pull-Ups (And A Poem)

How Female Athletes Can Improve Their Pull-Ups (And A Poem)

Pulling yourself up over a bar is immensely powerful,
And while you my see it as impossible, I see it as highly probable.

You see, all these youth athletes complaining and blaming,
While I’m over here explaining that this stuff is oh-so amazing.

Yet, they be claiming as they are video gaming they’re weak.
Well, that’s the problem, they ignore the strength goals they seek.

They give up before the grind of a feat is even tried.
And I urge them give it a whirl, to have some more pride.

Their upper body pulling strength can come to fruition,
I just have to facilitate it, and birth the tenacity inside of them.

And if it gives them any solace, the Pull-Up is going to boost confidence,
All while keeping them strong and resilient,
Physiologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
They’d be ignorant not to listen to me.

Look: I’m a strength coach and I know what you need to grow,
And the Pull-Up is the key to learning to shield, defend, and throw
To improve speed, build core stability, and have an aggressive arm swing
Yes, pull-ups improve speed because muscle force production is always king.

Too, you need strong upper body muscles to be resilient and get by
Okay, okay, I’m nerding out too much like a female Bill Nye

Fine let me continue with the exercise physiology,
There’s shoulder health, core stability, and muscle hypertrophy
Insane forearm and superhuman grip strength, too
And if you do underhand grip, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Don’t forget, trapezius, serratus anterior, rhomboid, bicep, and lat muscles.
Actually, screw the anatomy, Pull-Ups are about overcoming the struggle.
Yes, physics, vectors, and biomechanics,
Concentric, eccentric, isometric, you name it
But science aside, I just want you to get some grit.

To walk onto the court, field or pitch with an air like King Kong
Not looking like a slouched and insecure Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Pull-ups are your friend and your enemy at the same time,
They’re meant to teach you the process and get you to your prime.
So the next time you’re afraid to do them and believe they’re too hard,
Just say you yourself, “I got this” and attack the bar.

So what did we learn here?

Basically, I’m part strength coach, part poet.

Oh! And Pull-Ups are awesome for overall athleticism and mental confidence.

Enjoy these fun variations and accessory movements that will help your youth athletes improve their Pull-Ups and build upper body strength.

*exits stage right*

1. Band Assisted Pull-Up

Get Pull-Up Assistance Bands HERE.

2. Perfect Pull-Up



3. Alternate Grip Cocoons



4. Rope Pull-Ups



5. Towel Grip Pull-UPs



6. Alternate Grip Pull-Ups



7. Switch Grip Pull-Ups



8. TRX Pull-Ups



9. Sticking Point Pull-Ups

10. Eccentric Pull-Ups


If these are too challenging, use an assistance band, or start with these accessory movements first:

1. TRX Horizontal


2. Vertical Band Pulls

3. Seal Row Hold


Band Pull Apart


Give these all a whirl 2-3x a week and you’re on your way to becoming a Pull-Up beast. Not only that, but you will better improve running arm swing, posture, ability to hold off defenders, and mental confidence.

I hope you enjoy these exercises as much as the opening poem. ;-O

For more specific programming with sets/reps, as well as and other movements to help improve your Pull-Up, with year-round workbooks, get TOTAL YOUTH SOCCER FITNESS 365 HERE.


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