Fun Games for Athletes

Fun Games for Athletes

If you coach kids, I would hope they are leaving your practices and training sessions with a beaming smile on their faces.

Surprisingly enough, fun is the most overlooked component of youth training.

Nowadays, people want the intense Instagram post with the rap music sounding in the background, the kid running through agility poles, and sprinting full field suicides to make the parents “oooh” and “ahh” and utter, “they’re working my child HARD!”

Stop. Just stop.

Also, put the phones away, get creative with your drills, and ensure your players are having a blast. Give high fives. Bring the energy. Design a fun drill that is competitive. Don’t be lazy in your planning approach.

I’d argue it’s absolutely possible to elicit a “work hard” training effect in your drills, all while having fun.

HERE is an article I wrote for the International Youth Conditioning Association on Fun Games for Athletes.

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