Female Athletes, What Is Your Purpose To Train?

Female Athletes, What Is Your Purpose To Train?

You line up on the end line.

You watch your coach, waiting for him to blow the whistle.

You anticipate the start of an intense conditioning run with nervousness and anxiety.

You wipe the sweat off your eyes and stutter, almost beginning to sprint before the whistle blows.

Your heart races.

You want to out-run your teammates.

You then hear the whistle blow.

And you blast off into your sprint.

You compete against your teammates with every ounce of your body.

Your muscles and lungs are burning, yet you remain laser focused.

You have an odd sense of liberation, energy and spirit about you.

Despite your body on the verge of a physiological breakdown, you plow through.

You rocket past your teammates with ease.

You finish the drill first.

You cross the finish line with an excruciating soreness in your body, you almost collapse.

Yet you use the gas left in the tank to wobble over to get your water.

Though exhausted, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

You feel tired, yet empowered.

You feel like your training has a purpose, a greater, deeper one.

It’s more than getting recruited, winning awards, and receiving a pat on the back by your peers.

Your training makes you feel downright amazing, unstoppable, and like you can tackle anything that life throws your way.

You see, training is a metaphor for life.

If it’s too easy, you’re not going to adapt and level up.

If you coast, simply go through the motions to just get by, you remain stagnant.

If you go half intensity, you don’t become stronger, more powerful, or faster.

If you wave the surrender flag as soon as things get hard, you will give up any time life presents a challenge.

Life is hard.

Training is hard.

If you churn out the uncomfortable reps – the final sprint of a conditioning drill, the last rep of a Pull-Up set, the final push during a 40-yard dash, the final seconds of a one-versus-one battle, the explosiveness for a power drill, you give your body a new stimulus to strengthen.

Too, you train your mind to say, “hit me with your best shot, world” any time the heat comes.

So what is your purpose to train?

Does your purpose lack richness and intrinsic drive?

Do you train to impress others? To get approval? To have a certain body? To make your parents happy? To post to Instagram?

What is your purpose to train?

Or does your purpose have a deeper meaning, one that is sacred to you and allows you to be the highest expression of yourself?

Do you train because you feel confident? Do you train because you feel alive? Do you train because you feel autonomous? Do you train because you feel joyful? Do you train because you feel elated? Do you train because you feel at peace in your mind, body and soul?

Ah, yes, you’re onto something!

Attaching a feeling to your training makes it much more sustainable and meaningful.

You can’t stand to feel weak, defeated, or flat, so it’s worth it for you to put in the thousands of brush strokes a day to put in the work, do your strength training, work on your skills, and be outside in nature moving your body.

If your training becomes a passion rather than an obligation, you’re going to be capable of so much magic that extends long after sports end.

You’ll know how to put you first.

You’ll know how to regain your energy and uplift your mood.

You’ll know how to maintain a robust body as you age.

You’ll know how to calm your nervous system when you’re a working professional.

You’ll know how to feel at your most confident under pressure.

You’ll know how to heal yourself.

You’ll know how to take back your power and control your health.

What is your purpose to train?

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  • Jana
    Posted at 13:22h, 09 September Reply

    Currently recovering from an injury and just getting back to training this week… I so feel this!

    • erica
      Posted at 13:23h, 09 September Reply

      So glad you do! Have a great recovery <3333

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