Conditioning Drills for Female Athletes

Conditioning Drills for Female Athletes

Keep conditioning simple.

Understand the game demands and energy systems used.

Understand muscle actions and movements.

Here is an excellent podcast with former Orlando Pride Performance Coach, Ivi Casagrande, discussing off-season conditioning for female athletes.



Here are some of the drills she mentioned in the episode that I also program in my  in person Tampa training, as well as remote speed and conditioning training:


1. Full Field Tempo Runs

These are excellent at the start of off-season to develop a base with minimal change of direction.

Sprint to the end of the field in 18-20 seconds, then jog back in 60 seconds.

To progress, decrease time to make it down the field (16-18 seconds), or decrease rest (40-45 seconds).

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2. Repeat Sprint Ability (RSA)

These work on being able to sustain power in the second half, or final minutes of competition.

Perform a max effort sprint at 20 yards, rest for only 30 seconds. Try to get a similar time each set for the 20 yard. Perform 4-6 reps.

Be sure to progress to more change of direction volume as the season approaches (to the penalty box and back for 30 second duration, 30 second rest, then progressing to a 20 second duration, 10 second rest), so female athletes are prepared to handle the cutting, twisting, and turning of preseason.

Oh, and please don’t save your conditioning until the last minute of off-season. ;-O

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