Business, Success, and Being Content with What You Have

Business, Success, and Being Content with What You Have

When you’re a coach in the private sector it’s easy to be focused on growth, getting followers, and saying yes to everyone.

I mean, when you have more athletes, more money, more opportunities, life will be better, right?

Not so fast…

Notorious B.I.G. was right: “mo money, mo problems.”

1990s hip-hop nostalgia aside, the message rings true.

Just because you generate more money doesn’t mean you’re happy, fulfilled, making impact, managing your finances well, making sound business decisions, improving the quality of your service, sleeping soundly, or enjoying morning coffees. You could be overworking, rushing out the door, neglecting your spouse, and watering down your services to the point that you can’t even impact people.

I’ve learned a lot in over ten years of coaching and being an entrepreneur. By no means am I a business expert, and I can’t give specifics on what to do.

I can’t tell you what to invest in.

I can’t tell you what retirement plan works best.

I can’t tell you if cheapening your product will help get you more people.

I can’t tell you if scaling is good.

I can’t tell you if crpyto is the move.

But what can I can tell you is, every coach needs to become literate in finances and money management. You can only shout, “I just want to focus on coaching!” for so long, until you get exposed.

The better systems you have in place, the better you can be as a coach.

I can also tell you that wearing the same outfit to work everyday helps, too. ;-O

Enjoy this podcast I did on the business side of what I do. I hope it helps.

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