Best Articles of 2019: Readers’ Favorites

Best Articles of 2019: Readers’ Favorites

2019 was a sparkling year.

It was full of colorful creativity, insightful life pondering, deep conversations, and personal evolution.

I made it to my 600th blog post, wrote my heart out, coached my heart out, and stepped into my authenticity. I also snowboarded on my 30th birthday, met several online colleagues in-person, caught up on Walking Dead, wrote for several more training publications, played my clarinet again, visited best friends and invested in my relationships, saw Logic my favorite rapper, wrote a second book, ate a lot of veggies (and tacos), and watched English Premiere League every Sunday.

While this year was full of creative, career, and relationship victories, it was also full of stomach twisting anxiety, crippling burnout, and stagnating stress.

Starting off the year with two faint spells and a trip to the emergency room, I knew I had to find balance for myself in 2019. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to cultivate connection with the world, or with myself.

As much as I love working, creating, writing, coaching, and helping others, I had to learn how to fill my own cup and regain my energy for my passions.

I’m forever grateful for the wins, but I’m more grateful for the losses – the losses that made me level up as a human, and inspire others to be authentic and share who they are at their core.

This video, for example, was a tough one. Not only did I share a deeply personal story about soccer saving my life, I revisited a soul sucking past trauma:

But this is what it’s all about: sharing your truth, as hard as it is, to not only heal yourself, but also, the world.

Thank you to all who have followed my blog, and have messaged me with your stories, inspiration, and feedback. I’m pumped I get to make people cry tears of joy, find their passions, attack life with confidence, start that creative project, leave their lifeless job, and take radical action to be better humans.

To this day, I think it’s pretty cool I get to live out my writing passion, while creating impact across the globe.

So without further ado, here are the most impactful and popular articles of 2019:

  1. 20 Lessons for Female Athletes on Training and Life
  2. Parents, Shut Up
  3. Conditioning for Soccer Players: Stop Jogging Laps 
  4. An Open Letter To Strong Female Athletes
  5. Off-Season Training for Soccer: Two Coaches Discuss What It Takes
  6. How Soccer Goalkeepers Can Become Beasts: Written by A Striker
  7. Soccer Saved My Life
  8. What The Hell Is Injury Prevention
  9. Early Specialization vs. Early Sampling vs. The Lannisters: Who Wins?
  10. An Advanced Core Workout for Athletes


Thanks again.

Cheers to the new decade.

– Fitsoccerqueen

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