Be Enchanted By the Simple Things

Be Enchanted By the Simple Things

I’ll say it over and over again.

“Be consistent with the basics.”

I’ve said it endlessly over the years, in fact louder each time. I don’t care if the message has been blasted ad nauseam, and you’re tired of hearing it. Let’s push you even more.

Consistency, in fact, is one of the rarest qualities of humans.

This isn’t just any consistency, but consistency with the simple, mundane tasks that you do day in and day out that build you into who you want to become. The truth is, simple ain’t sexy, which is why most people are captivated by the fastest, shiniest solutions.

You want to take a green powder supplement and be on your way to a ripped six pack.

You want to get your back scratched by a massage specialist to rid yourself of back pain.

You want to win the lottery and bathe in wealth forever.

You want to find a partner who is a unicorn and have no relationship conflicts.

You want to live a life of travel and have freedom and happiness.

You want to start an online business and have money flow in overnight because you did your manifestation dance.

The biggest and most fulfilling events in our lives, whether it’s building athleticism, skills, businesses, wealth, and relationships, happen only because you embraced the simple and stuck it out for YEARS. You didn’t succumb to these seductive distractions that allure you to take the easy way out. You didn’t waver when things got hard, but rather, you kept going because you were enchanted by simplicity.

The problem now is, many think simplicity is boring and that they’re above doing the basics. As always, I blame social media because you are exposed to everyone’s highlight reels and wanderlust lives, but very rarely, you see the action steps they took to get to those epic moments. And even these moments of magic are fleeting. What matters most is how you show up and remain in awe of the simple things for the rest of your life.

What matters most is how you show up and remain in awe of the simple things for the rest of your life. Click To Tweet

It’s not the grandiose engagement on the beach, but it’s how you treat your partner after marriage every single day.

It’s not the final weight loss number you achieve, but how you continue to embody health every single day.

It’s not finally curing your diabetes, but how you continue to exercise  and eat healthy every single day.

It’s not the wedding day either, but how you talk to your spouse every single day.

It’s not the trip to Bali to escape your job, but how you face reality and the material world with grace every single day.

It’s not the championship game you just won, but how you continue to build yourself every single day.

It’s not the speed times you achieved, but how you pursue the next level every single day.

It’s not the college degree you got, but how you impact the world post-college every single day.

It’s not the number of books you sold, but how you live out your passion and have meaning every single day.

That reminds me, when I began blogging back in 2013, I wrote because I loved it. I wrote because writing was a simple task that lit me up. I didn’t have any followers or readers for a few years, and didn’t care. I stuck it out and kept it simple.

Little did I know, my commitment to writing daily led me to become a best selling author in my category, with a global impact to hundreds of athletes, coaches and parents.

The story doesn’t end here. Even though I had this big moment of becoming a published author and getting book sales, I continue to write about female athlete training for the sake of writing and purpose. For me, the simplicity of sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee lost in my prose is one of the most enchanting things in my life.

Beyond that – waking up to see the sunrise, spending time with loved ones, walking on the beach, seeing packs of ducks waddle on the shore together, watching the sun tuck behind the clouds at night, seeing the moon glimmer and the stars sparkle – these are the simple things I live for. Yes, they’re repetitive, but they’re reality. Social media ain’t reality.

The simple also makes me incredibly grateful for having enough. Moreover, it reminds me that there is beauty in simplicity, and it is not on a glowing screen, but rather, right in front of us every single day.



  • Casey
    Posted at 21:05h, 17 February Reply

    Crushed it.

    • erica
      Posted at 01:05h, 18 February Reply

      Thank you! <3

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